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The Clinton Courier announces October Yard of the Month

Oct 2021 YOTM

Oct 2021 YOTM

Lawns often reflect a family’s interest, and a special project for the Hillman home is an emphasis on family time.

Amy and Wilson Hillman of 217 Lake Forest Lane and their three oldest children, Sue Ling, 14, Jesse, 6, and Daniel, 3, make the yard a family-fun effort. Marjorie, 1 1/2, is already feeling a part of the lawn team as she laughs at the placement of seasonal pumpkins now decorating the lawn.

David Stires, in nominating it for the Yard of the Month honor, praised the work of the Hillmans as they face the challenge of raising four children and nurturing their lawn. The chores are handled very well, as Sue Ling, Jesse and Daniel do their share in contributing to the lawn upkeep.

Amy Hillman says, “The children enjoy weeding, watering, and cleaning the yard. They each have a rose bush to call their own. Our seasonal flower favorites include sunflowers, day lilies, coleus and zinnias.” In addition to blueberry bushes, the yard features a favorite of Amy’s, Mexican petunias, encircling the mailbox.

The Yard of the Month program is co-sponsored by The Clinton Courier and the Happy Gardeners Club. To nominate a yard, contact Cheryl Yeagley at


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