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Broadcast journalism class giving CHS students real-world experience

Clinton High School broadcast journalism

By Jameson Thompson

The start of the 2021-2022 school year at Clinton High School has brought a lot of new excitement, including a completely different broadcast journalism class. This year, Clinton High School hired a new teacher for this course, and he has made a huge impact on the program in just a few months. Adam Chance was hired as the new broadcast journalism instructor as of July of this year.

Chance previously worked at Mississippi Public Broadcasting (MPB) for fourteen years. He explained how interesting the transition from working at a broadcasting network to a high school.

“At first, it was definitely challenging. For so long, I worked around other adults. Now I get the unique opportunity to teach fifteen- and sixteen-year-olds, and it is very interesting, because they are always so entertaining and always have so much energy.”

Chance is in charge of making sure the games are filmed properly and making sure the jumbotron and the cameras are working correctly for the football games on Friday nights. While these are not easy tasks to accomplish, Chance allows his students to get in on the action in order to get them some experience.

“Me and my students basically spend all week setting everything up,” said Chance. “We make sure all of the cameras are working. We have to make sure the audio is working. What a lot of people do not realize is how important it is to have good audio. Unless you are actually watching the stream of the game, it is hard to tell how loud the stream actually is. Audio is one of the most important parts, and our job is to be sure that we make it as good as possible.”


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With the impact of the pandemic last year, programs such as broadcast journalism didn’t get to experience all of the different aspects to the class, especially since some students opted for virtual instruction. This year, however, with everyone physically back in school, the students in broadcast journalism can have a better understanding of what the class has to offer.

First-year broadcast journalism student Michael Odie says he is having a good experience so far in the class.

“I really enjoy it. Mr. Chance always allows us to be ourselves. He always guides us in the right direction, while also allowing us to have fun all the time. I really enjoy it.”
Odie says he wants to go into the broadcasting field later in his life.

“I took this class because I knew that it would teach me the basics of both broadcasting and journalism. So far, it has taught me both of these things. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for me,” said Odie.

While running the cameras and setting up the jumbotron can be a rigorous task, it can also be a great learning experience. Junior Brian Ramirez-Morales said he appreciates how important it is to gain experience about how to set everything up.

“Mr. Chance always wants us to be able to do any job possible. Some days, we have to set up cameras. Some days, we work with audio; and some days, we do a little bit of everything. I personally think it is great to get to learn all of the elements that are a part of broadcasting.”

There are also moments where Chance allows his students to do their own thing. No matter what it may be, Chance is always willing to let his students try new things.
Junior Arrington Richardson said Chance is just flexible with the class.

“He always allows us to film whatever we want to and make it into our own special thing,” said Richardson. “He allows us to be unique and also learn about how to properly film videos and edit them, as well.”

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