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The Clinton Courier announces November 2021 Yard of the Month

Stone paths and borders filled with a variety of plants and flowers enhance the November Yard of the Month, the Ellis home at 106 Napa Valley in Olde Vineyard.

Over fifty different plants contribute to the beauty of the lawn of Jerry and Joyce Ellis. Jerry turns to Joyce for descriptions of the multitudes of plants gracing the borders that surround the house and yard.

An enthusiastic gardener, who is an Extension Service-certified Master Gardener, Joyce Ellis laughs as she describes herself as ruthless when it comes to pruning her plants severely for their own good and cheerfully removing one that does not thrive in its location. On the other hand, she’s quite sentimental when it comes to the daisies that are descendants from her great-grandmother’s home in Oklahoma.

The lawn’s cherished daisies have a history stemming from her great-grandmother to a great-aunt to Joyce’s mother, and then to the Ellis home in Mississippi. The journey is now reversed, as daisy seeds are transported back to Oklahoma to grace the garden of a sister-in-law.

Among other plants are Virginia sweet spire, sunshine ligustrum and American beautyberry. Four o’clocks, gardenias and many other plants contribute to 106 Napa Valley’s recognition as the November Yard of the Month, sponsored by The Clinton Courier and the Happy Gardeners Club. Nominations may be directed to Cheryl Yeagley at




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