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2022 set to be successful and productive for city

By Ward 1 Alderwoman Karen Godfrey

city of clintonAs I reflect on the year, the Board of Alderman had an exceptionally busy 2021. A great deal has happened since being sworn in as the Alderwoman for Ward 1. I am thankful for the support of those that came out to vote and those who have provided support as I have stepped into this new role.
Almost immediately, budget meetings began, and the Board had the opportunity to meet the City’s department heads. Each presented the purpose and goals of their respective department, as well as ideas to improve upon their departments and the City. It was apparent through these meetings that every head of department is an impressive individual who strives each day to better their department and our city. Positive plans are in the works, not just for the present, but ideas and an overall plan to make Clinton attractive to new families and more livable for those that already call Clinton home.
The addition of a grant writer will be instrumental in finding much-needed funds to update and expand our parks and recreation facilities. Budgeting for a lobbyist to provide a presence for Clinton in Washington, D.C. will hopefully position the City to be awarded monies for infrastructure improvements that cannot be covered by our limited budget. Another exciting addition is the land acquired on Springridge Road. This land has the potential to be an outdoor destination to attract visitors to our city.
The Board of Alderman have ordered several studies to look at potential areas of improvement. These studies will allow the Board to make knowledgeable decisions on improvements and how to best utilize our funding. These studies will look at traffic, drainage, as well as our Main Street and Boulevard areas.
I am honored to be a part of this Board of Alderman and thankful for the trust Ward 1 has placed in me. I am looking forward to a successful and productive 2022. Happy New Year!

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