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Board has big plans for City in 2022

By Ricki Garrett, PhD, Alderwoman at Large

Ricki GarrettIn many ways, our hopes for the New Year mirror those of the previous year, in which we anxiously await the end of the pandemic and a return to the normalcy we all long for. Although our city has done remarkably well over the past two years in terms of sales tax revenue and the protection of our citizens, we all eagerly await the end of masks, social distancing, quarantines and limitations on the activities we all love. We are deeply appreciative of our first responders, public works employees, health care clinics, school officials, grocery store workers, civic organizations and non-profits and so many others who have helped us to stay well, on track educationally, and cared for in so many ways.
The Mayor and Board of Aldermen continued to meet and work throughout the pandemic, and we have big hopes and plans for the City of Clinton. Our four new aldermen, Chip Wilbanks, Beverly Oliver, James Lott and Karen Godfrey bring an incredible array of experience and skills to the table, as well as a passion for the City of Clinton and its future. It is an extremely congenial and collaborative Board of Aldermen, and, although there will and have been times we disagree, there is a high level of respect for each other, and that bodes very well for the future of Clinton.
Many of us were able to participate in the Main Street Roadmap Project held during December, which brought us a highly trained group of planners, who will continue to work with us to bring to life many of the ideas that came out of the project. Although all of us love Clinton and its distinctiveness, there is a belief that we have not achieved our full potential as a city and that, by working together, we can create a vision for the future and make it happen.
The Mayor and Board have also been moving Clinton forward with our plans for a $97 million dollar water/sewer system that must be developed by 2030 in order to allow Clinton to continue on a path forward. The Board has hired former Congressman Gregg Harper to help us lobby Congress for as much assistance as possible with this project, which will include our surrounding communities.
The Board of Aldermen have discussed many areas of the city that need our attention and financial support. Some of these areas include a transformation of Clinton Boulevard and Northside Drive, two important gateways into our city; a possible widening of Pinehaven Drive and Arrow Drive; walking and biking paths to connect Olde Towne Clinton to Monroe Street, Lions Club Park, and Clinton Boulevard; the enhancement of Traceway Park and other parks in our city; the revitalization of our older neighborhoods; and so many others.
We hope you will share with us your ideas and hopes for our city. All of us are easily accessible by telephone and e-mail, and we look forward to hearing from you as we move Clinton forward in this New Year.

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