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Table Talk and Food for Thought: Homemade Hummus

By Guest Columnists
Melanie and Cliff Fortenberry

Melanie and Cliff FortenberryHere’s to a healthier new year in 2022!
We have just come out of the most “unhealthy” season of the year – Christmas and other special holidays that are focused on food! There were parties to go to, dinners to host and events where eating high-calorie and high-fat foods was not only popular, but encouraged.
What are those of us fighting the “battle of the bulge” going to do? Well, we can make a positive plan to do better in the new year.
Several years ago, Cliff was diagnosed as prediabetic. He initially tried to control his blood sugar levels with diet and exercise. A low glycemic diet and 2.5-mile walks twice a day seemed the way to go. I joined him as, like some of you, I am always looking to lose an extra five to ten pounds.
His plan worked, and he lost 100 pounds in six months. I lost twenty pounds in the same amount of time. Bananas became “sweet,” and salads were an everyday choice. Fast forward to today, and we no longer do our “twice daily” walks due to joint issues, and food choices have expanded to include less low glycemic choices. The struggle is real.
A healthy lifestyle is behavioral, and, so, if 2022 is your target year to get back into those smaller sized jeans, start today with making better food choices. When we started our health awareness era and shared our daily diet with friends, we heard several folks say, “I don’t like oatmeal,” or “salads upset my stomach.” While both observations may be true, find something that works for you. My reply often was,” I don’t like thinking about getting heart disease or having a stroke.” An awareness of what we put into our bodies and choices we make now can greatly influence health consequences we may face later.
One of my dear friends in my current job is now retired but still enjoys working out and making healthy food choices. This is Carol Kirk’s recipe for homemade hummus. Enjoy!


2 1/2 cups garbanzo beans, drained and rinsed
1 cup tahini
1/2 cup fresh lemon juice
1 Tblsp. garlic powder
1 Tblsp. onion powder
1/2 cup plus 2 Tblps. frozen apple juice (if I don’t have frozen apple juice, I will use frozen lemonade)
1 tsp. salt
2 cloves garlic (or equivalent in minced garlic)
1/4 cup tamari (I use reduced sodium, but most recipes will use soy sauce)


1. Put all in blender on high until smooth.
2. Serve with pita, tortilla chips or raw or barely cooked veggies.

Also, if I have roasted red peppers in a jar or artichoke hearts in a can, I will experiment with one of these to make it different.

This recipe makes a large amount, so you may want to put some in small containers to freeze. The only caution is that you can’t neglect using it once you defrost, because it will turn sour.


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