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Clinton continues to distinguish itself, plan for growth

By Ward 6 Alderman James Lott

Clinton, MSIt has been an honor having the opportunity to represent Ward 6 and serve Clinton’s citizens. The city continues to grow, we have one of the most prominent public school districts, and our police and fire departments help make Clinton the third safest city in the state.
Uniquely situated in Hinds County, Clinton has distinguished itself with thriving neighborhoods, broad educational opportunities, and extensive community services. Through strategic investments in our “community feel,” Clinton has grown to become a top-choice city for residents.
Ahead of us is the opportunity to position ourselves as the “premier community” in central Mississippi. To do this, we must continue to maintain our quality infrastructure, support key revitalization projects within the city, and be open to more diverse restaurant/retail markets.
Since joining the Board of Alderman, I’ve been able to work with a group of professionals who all have Clinton’s best interests at heart. I’m confident that this current administration will work together and propel Clinton to that next level.
The City recently acquired approximately 83 acres of land with multiple potential development opportunities. We now have a grant writer and lobbyist working to find additional funds for the City. In December, Main Street Clinton presented a visual strategic plan for Olde Towne and Clinton Boulevard. The Board of Alderman prioritized investing in and improving parks and recreation throughout the city.
Moving forward, I see a future where the City of Clinton continues to bring an unparalleled quality of life to its citizens. Clintonians deserve a robust economy, state-of-the-art recreational facilities, peace of mind that they are safe in their own homes, and the continued tradition of excellence in our school system.
I’m looking forward to continued opportunities in 2022 to support our community and work with citizens in writing the next chapter in Clinton’s exciting story.

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