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Biking group celebrates 20 years riding across the country

Bike Team

On July 10-11, a small group of bicyclists will be riding through Clinton, MS to help raise money for cardiovascular health. Team 242, began their 1,900-mile-long-journey on June 26th starting in Grand Portage, MN and will be finishing near Grand Isle, LA, next month, to raise funds for the American Heart Association.


The annual bike ride was started in 2003 in memory of David Browne, a friend of Team 242 who died in 1998 from heart disease at the age of 24.  Since the inaugural ride, Team 242 has raised more than $250,000 for the AHA and heart disease research and education.


“We were all in our early 20s (when David died) and didn’t really know how to deal with a loss like this.  A few of us liked to bike, and we wanted to do something to honor Dave. We didn’t know what we were starting then, but we sure are glad we did”, says Andy Boryczka, rider and Director of Team 242. “What started as a small group of friends has grown into a big group of people from all over the country who want to make a difference and have a little fun along the way.”


Since the first David Browne Ride in 2003, Team 242 has embarked on a multi-day bicycle trip each summer. The group has ridden around Lake Michigan, from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico twice and all over the country, sleeping in schools and churches along the way. The ride is a chance to celebrate the life of David Browne and raise awareness about heart disease. The group hopes the funds they raise will help prevent future deaths related to stroke and cardiovascular disease.


“Heart disease and stroke has impacted each and every one of us; some of us have lost loved ones, some of us are survivors,” Boryczka said. “Since the first ride in 2003, medical technology and research has come a long way, but we know there is so much more to do to save more lives from cardiovascular disease.


“Unfortunately, Dave isn’t here with us today, but we are determined to be a driving force of change so that more of our loved ones are able to live long, healthy lives.”


The 20th David Browne Ride runs June 26-July 14, and will visit several towns along the way. Team 242 hopes to raise an additional $25,000 for AHA this year.

Team 242 route

To learn more about their route, their mission or how to donate, please visit


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