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ABLE program protects Mississippi’s disabled population from losing government benefits

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The Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services is helping thousands of Mississippians with disabilities save for their future while protecting their government benefits. The “Achieving A Better Life Experience” or “ABLE Act”, was passed by Congress in 2014 establishing the creation of ABLE SAVINGS Accounts. Mississippi passed the ABLE legislation in 2017, and Mississippi began opening ABLE accounts in June 2019, but thousands of Mississippians still do not know about this program.  ABLE is a savings account for individuals with disabilities that will not affect public benefits and it can be used for daily transactions and/or long-term savings and it may provide tax advantages.


This in person event with a virtual Zoom option is for anyone who would like to learn about opening a Mississippi ABLE account.


The ABLE Town Hall will be held Tuesday, September 20, 2022, from 12pm to 1pm at First Baptist Church, Madison located at 2100 Main Street, Madison


The Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services is a state agency that provides resources to help Mississippians with disabilities find new careers, live more independently, overcome obstacles, and face new challenges.


In addition to this savings plan initiative, you can also learn about what the Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services, Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, is doing -and can do- for you or someone you may know.  VR offers no-cost services and assistance such as assistive technology, training/college, career exploration, counseling, vocational evaluation and so much more.

To join via Zoom please go to with meeting ID: 396 212 4532 or join us on our agency Facebook page @MSDeptRehab for the live Town Hall


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