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November Yard of the Month

Bentwood Yard Of the Month Nov 2022

From A to Z, azaleas to zinnias, many plants highlight the lawn of Janet and Bob Hawkins of 121 Bentwood, the November Yard of the Month.


Towering banana plants and jumbo elephant ears have flourished from spring’s abundant rainfall. Ten flower beds reflect Bob’s goal of having colorful blooms throughout the year.


Contributing to the variety of colors are the azaleas and zinnias, along with marigolds, knock out roses, periwinkle, and Mexican petunias.


Plants, trees, vines and shrubs thrive in different areas of the yard, including camellias, crepe myrtle, lirope, lantana, lamb’s ear, nandina, a ginger plant, a Chinese snowball shrub, an Ecuador trumpet vine and a tulip tree.


The Hawkins also enjoy an herb bed that at different times offers thyme, oregano, basil, rosemary and mint.


Janet often selects new plants to try in the yard, admitting that some of her choices do not fare well, with Bob handling removal and replacement efforts.

Bentwood Yard Of the Month Nov 2022

A strong wind storm last year left six trees from an adjoining lot stretched across the back yard. The lawn and back fence were damaged from the trees and the heavy equipment brought in for removal of tree debris. Time and effort were dedicated to the lawn transformation from shade-loving plants to those tolerating direct sun.


The banana plants, with tiny fruits that will be lost in wintry weather, represent a special memory for the Hawkins. A number of years ago, a next-door neighbor in another subdivision gave them their first banana plant. The plants have continued to be a main focus of their fourteen years on Bentwood.


When Bob is not involved in lawn chores, he is busy building bird houses, which friends have described as bird castles. He also carves tiny wooden birds.

Bentwood Yard Of the Month Nov 2022

The Yard of the Month program is co-sponsored by The Clinton Courier and the Happy Gardeners Club. To nominate a yard for the honor, contact Cheryl Yeagley,

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