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Yard of the Month September 2023

Yard of the Month September 2023

The home of Loren and Bob Zicko at 612 Trailwood will carry the Yard of the Month sign for September.

The Zickos, who were born in Massachusetts and lived for thirty years in Raleigh, North Carolina, made plans to relocate to Mississippi after watching HGTV’s Home Town. Their research led them to choose Clinton, and they moved here in March 2022.

Since they both enjoy gardening, they were eager to make the lawn their own. Getting pointers on what grows well in the area, they started pulling up old plants and planting replacements in the yard that is enhanced with black-eyed Susan, lantana, sunshine ligustrum, and a variety of hardy white and yellow roses that are ongoing spring bloomers.

Next spring, they look forward to azalea season, but, unfortunately, their gardenias did not survive the harsh winter. Their plans call for more plant replacement action in the upcoming fall months. They had to deal with an extreme weather occurrence that resulted in a large oak tree loss in the back yard; but Loren explains they enjoy their new location, don’t miss the extreme cold of the North and are used to warmer temperatures from their North Carolina years.

In addition to their gardening hobby, they enjoy keeping up with their four children and two grandchildren, whose homes are in California, North Carolina and Virginia.

The Yard of the Month is sponsored by The Clinton Courier and the Happy Gardeners Club. Nominations for the recognition may be sent to Cheryl Yeagley,

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