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Anderson Scouting Ministry holds ceremony at Visitor Center

Special to The Clinton Courier

The Clinton Visitor Center recently welcomed Girl Scout Troop 5022 and Cub/Boy Scouts, Pack and Troop 518 from the Scouting Ministry at Anderson United Methodist Church. The scouts participated in their Bridging and Crossover ceremonies.

A Girl Scouts bridging ceremony honors and celebrates their graduation to the next level – Daisy to Brownie, Brownie to Junior, Junior to Cadette, Cadette to Senior, Senior to Ambassador, and even Ambassador to Adult. The progression marks important milestones in each girl’s journey through Girl Scouting and is celebrated by the troop, family and close friends.

Anderson Scouting Ministry holds ceremony at Visitor Center
The Webelos Crossover is designed to have a powerful inspirational effect, not only on the Webelos Scouts participating in it, but on the other Cub Scouts witnessing it, giving them a glimpse into what lies ahead on their scouting journey.

The Scouting Ministry allows scouts to live out their “Duty of God,” which is pledged at each meeting. The scout law says that a scout is reverent and makes the world a better place. These values strengthen character in the family, community, and faith. The Anderson Scouting Ministry has over fifty-six scouts and nineteen leaders. Saundra Atterberry serves as Scouting Ministry Chairperson.

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