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Happy Gardeners discuss composting with worms

Special to The Clinton Courier

Happy Gardeners discuss composting with worms
The first meeting of the year for the Happy Gardeners Club, held September 25, starred red wiggler worms as guest speaker Peggy McKey, shown second from right, talked about “Composting the Easy Way with Red Wiggler Worms.” Pictured (l to r) are hostesses Gloria Wright, Ramona Hales and Kathy King as they welcomed McKey, a Master Gardener whose missionary service has taken her to countries around the world. At home in Mississippi, she shares with garden clubs and school children the art of composting with red wiggler worms.

Forty percent of land fields could be composted, she pointed out, sharing that a plastic container or flowerpot can be a home for wigglers. Compost items such as eggshells, scraps, shredded paper and dried grass clippings can be saved and, once broken down, can be topped off with tap or rainwater to leave a rich mixture of soil for use in pots and gardening beds.

Designed with five hearts and the ability to grow new tails, wigglers don’t eat plant roots, but instead provide moisture. Happy Gardeners Club members claimed wigglers to take home for their gardening efforts.

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