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Fall Cleanup brings in tons of chemicals and debris

By Randy Bell

Fall Cleanup brings in tons of chemicals and debris

Clinton is a cleaner and safer city after local residents were given the opportunity to get rid of unwanted chemicals and limbs and trash that were piling up around their homes.

During the annual Fall Cleanup at the old Northside Elementary site October 14-21, Public Works Director Phillip Lilley said forty-two roll-off bins were filled with debris, old furniture and other materials bound for the landfill.

“It was a great event for us,” Lilley told the Board of Aldermen at the November 7 meeting. Lilley said each bin can hold up to thirty cubic yards of debris.

During the City’s Hazardous Waste Disposal Day on October 14, over ten tons of chemicals, oil and paint cans were dropped off to be disposed of safely.

“We consider that an accomplishment,” Lilley said.

Now, as leaves continue to fall, Public Works is urging Clintonians to keep their curb lines clean and bag their leaves for pickup on garbage collection days. As the drought tapers off and rain returns, Lilley notes that keeping leaves out of storm sewers and ditches will help prevent flooding.

The Board voted to allow the department to bring in some extra manpower when needed. It authorized Public Works to enter into an agreement with Labor Finders, a temporary employment agency which specializes in blue collar day labor and industrial staffing.

“Labor Finders is a way for us to contract out labor to bring in temporary workers to help us out in case of emergencies or special events,” Lilley told the Board, “to keep the City rolling.”

Mayor Phil Fisher said the temps could be assigned tasks like hanging banners along the Clinton Parkway and in Olde Towne, “and keep Public Works crews out doing the jobs they’re supposed to do.”

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