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Three more streets paved with leftover money

By Randy Bell

When the City of Clinton announced its 2023 paving program back during the spring, only six streets and some parking lots were on the list to be resurfaced. But, because that work didn’t cost as much as expected, a few additional streets have gotten a fresh coat of asphalt.

“The City had allowed about $950,000 in the budget for street paving,” says Consulting City Engineer Bill Owen. “The contract price came in substantially less than that. And, with that being the case, we were able to pave three more streets – Shadia Drive, Green Oak Cove and Oakhurst Drive.”

The City has approximately seven hundred named streets stretching for a total of some one hundred eighty miles, and it rates the condition of all of them based on a number of factors, including rutting and pavement with damage that’s called “alligator cracking.” Owen says the additional streets that were paved were chosen based on their ranking and the cost of each project, taking into account the remaining money.

This year’s paving program also included Meadow Hill Drive, Hood Drive, Gloucester Place, Navajo Circle, Pineview Drive and Baseball Alley, along with several parking lots at Traceway Park.

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