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Robin McCormick, a musical gift realized

Special to The Clinton Courier

Robin McCormick, a musical gift realized

It is said that everyone has a gift, but that many never discover or make use of theirs. Robin McCormick, director of Kindermusik Clinton, discovered her gift early in life and has made the most of it.

McCormick’s musical journey began at a very young age. Both of her parents were musically talented; and, at five years of age, she began taking piano lessons from her dad, a former church minister of music. She played flute in her junior high and high school bands and attended Baylor University, where she earned a degree in music education. Her first full-time job was as a junior high band director in Tomball, Texas, which was also where she began directing graded children’s choirs at her church. It was here that she discovered her “gift” of teaching music to children.

McCormick’s experience as a junior high band director and a children’s choir director provided her with a strong foundation in music education, but it was her discovery of Kindermusik that truly shaped her teaching philosophy and allowed her to integrate her love for music with early childhood education. While visiting a college friend in Virginia in 1995, she was invited to attend a Kindermusik class. When she returned from the class, she immediately told her husband, “I am going to be a Kindermusik teacher!”

Kindermusik is an internationally recognized music and movement program for young children from birth through seven years of age. It aims to foster their cognitive, emotional and social development through a carefully designed curriculum that combines music, movement and play. McCormick found in Kindermusik a perfect platform to introduce children to the joy and beauty of music at an early age.

For the past twenty-seven years, McCormick has been using the Kindermusik program to create engaging and interactive lessons that capture the imagination and foster the creativity of her students. Through a variety of activities such as singing, dancing, instrument exploration and storytelling, she has been able to bring music to life and ignite a love for learning in her students.

Parents whose children have experienced the classes report that one of the most remarkable aspects of McCormick’s career is her ability to connect with each child individually, regardless of background or ability. They explain that she has a gift for making every child feel valued and included, creating a safe and nurturing environment where they can freely express themselves through music.

Parents have consistently praised McCormick’s dedication and genuine care for their children’s musical development. Many have witnessed their children’s confidence soar under her guidance, both in musical abilities and in other areas of their lives. Her commitment to providing a positive and nurturing experience has made her an invaluable asset to her community.

As McCormick celebrates twenty-seven years as a Kindermusik educator, she reflects on the countless memories created, the friendships formed and the joy she has experienced through teaching. She says she is grateful for the opportunity to have played a role in shaping the musical journey of her students and believes that music has the power to transform lives. Several of her students have gone on to professional musical careers, but the primary focus of Kindermusik is simply to develop a lifelong love of music and learning in all children.

McCormick says she plans to continue her work as a Kindermusik educator and hopes to inspire many more young minds through the magic of music. Those who know her say her dedication, passion and genuine love for both music and teaching make her an exemplary role model for music educators worldwide.

When asked what her greatest joy in teaching is, McCormick quickly responds, “It has to be when I see my former students bringing their own children to Kindermusik!”
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