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AT&T and City of Clinton Launch Small Cell Technology for High-Speed Wireless Services

AT&T* is working with the City of Clinton to launch the first cluster of small cell technology in Mississippi. These will pave the way for the next generation of high-speed wireless services to locals and businesses.

Currently, five small cell locations have been activated in Clinton with a sixth location being added later this month. There are nine additional small cell locations planned for Clinton.


What is a small cell?

Small cell technology includes a small antenna fixed to existing structures like traffic signals, buildings, street lights and poles. The size and flexibility of small cells helps AT&T target areas with additional capacity in a way that is low profile and unobtrusive.


Why use them?

Small cells are an integral building block for 5G. They’re also critical to ensuring consumers and businesses can continue to enjoy the high-speed connectivity they demand. Small cells technology mean faster wireless internet speeds, provide more and targeted network capacity for things like streaming movies or music, and lay the foundation for technologies of the future – like 5G, smart cities and connected cars and devices.

Clinton Mayor Phil Fisher said, “Clinton is moving quickly to bring more high-speed wireless accessibility to people who live, work and visit our city. Small cell technology is a new, exciting way to make this happen and we’re excited to be the first city in Mississippi to launch a citywide cluster of small cells to keep people more connected than ever before.”

“To help meet current and future wireless demands, AT&T is pleased to launch numerous small cell locations in Clinton with more planned in the near future. This is a cutting-edge technology for delivering better wireless access and tomorrow’s new 5G services. By working closely with cities like Clinton, AT&T is helping grow our economy as well as the quality of life for Mississippians,” said Mayo Flynt, president, AT&T Mississippi.


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