Plastics Waste Becoming a Global Concern; Could Be Reused For Good

In the United States, the plastics sector, which is the third-largest manufacturing industry, is incredibly important. Though plastic material is used in virtually every industry across the globe, there are some serious underlying concerns that need to be addressed: pollution and waste.

The Guardian reports that an anti-plastic revolution is needed in order to combat the ever-growing danger plastic waste poses to the environment. The rise of the plastics industry since the 1960s created a culture of disposable waste that has generated a global crisis. But some of this plastic waste might actually be able to be utilized for practical reasons.

According to FMT, plastic waste across the globe is worth approximately $7.16 billion. In Malaysia, the Housing and Local Government reports the country is becoming a recycling hub for plastic waste across the globe. Perhaps one of the main contributing factors is due to China’s ban on the import of plastic waste. In order to discuss the direction to take and combat the plastic waste issues, four ministries; Zuraida’s ministry; energy, science, technology, environment and climate change; the water, land and natural resources ministry; and the international trade and industry ministry.

“We found that the business potential for plastic imports is RM30 billion ($7.16 billion) in Malaysia,” said Zakaria Edris (BN-Libaran). “So, we cannot take this issue lightly, as it is a lot of income for this country. Therefore, we need to tighten rules and procedures.”

Plastic was typically allowed to be imported if it was of high quality, but the wasted plastic was of far lesser quality, meaning it’s able to be utilized for other purposes.

“We are controlling this plastic waste import very throughly, to ensure the plastic waste that comes is of good quality, and processed to be used by consumers,” added Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin.

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