Reasons your home might not be selling

Investing in a property and selling it are two very different and not mutually inclusive things. Even the best of the housing units can’t sell for a lot of reasons. There’s really no way to ensure your home sells unless you put in the time and effort. We can help you by giving you the most common reasons your home might not be selling. If you recognize any of these from your open house, you should act on it immediately in order to improve your chances of selling your home.


By far the most common reason for not selling your home fast is unrealistic pricing. It has been a trend with some homeowners lately to set prices completely independent of the real estate market. What this means in practice is that people set their home’s price not according to the market, but to what they want to get for it. Thus, we get a lot of overpriced properties which never get sold.

Bad timing

Another important factor in selling your home is the state of the real estate market in your state, county or town. Now, since the US real estate market is cooling down slowly, it’s normal to have a little difficulty closing that sale. However, oversupply is definitely one of the most important reasons your home might not be selling. Namely, if you provide a home which is the same as a lot of other homes on the market, selling it might take a long time. This means that you shouldn’t put too much hope in closing a house sale in September, when everyone is looking for an apartment to live in while in college.

Location, location, location

No one wants to live a two-hour ride away from their job or school, so the location of your unit is definitely one of the reasons your home might not be selling. People look to live in neighborhoods which have good roads, services and transportation. In addition to this, having a gym or a good restaurant in your neighborhood will increase the chances of landing that sale. Unfortunately, this problem isn’t easy to solve. If your home is in a bad location, you can use other things to improve the chances of selling it. Stage your home well before doing an open house or invest a little more in materials. People usually prefer to buy a quality product even for a higher price.

Issues with the property – standards

Surprisingly, even though potential problems with your home might affect some sales, they usually don’t have that much pull with purchasing a home. Don’t get me wrong, no one’s going to invest in an overpriced broom closet. But people usually buy property with the idea of changing it up a bit. So, don’t worry if your home is not exactly in tip-top condition. The important thing is to have functioning utilities and electricity. Otherwise, you can spice it up a little to improve your chances.

Bad choice of agent

An inexperienced realtor might be what’s holding you back from selling your home. Your agent might not be putting in enough work, or they might be putting in too much work. Surprisingly, people don’t want you or the real estate agent to be around when they’re looking at your home. This will prevent them from speaking freely and making potential plans. So, instead of stalking your potential buyers or making your realtor do it, you can grab a quick lunch at one of the numerous restaurants in Clinton. After your buyers have finished, you can meet up and discuss the purchase.


The reason you still haven’t sold your home might have something to do with the lack of exposure. If you’re not advertising your home well, you might have a lot of issues selling it. ad rates on websites.


The way you present your home might be another reason you can’t sell it quickly. Setting up a house for a sale isn’t just about making it beautiful. There are guides and tips you should follow to make your home more appealing to potential buyers. This type of presentation is called “staging your home for a sale”. However, despite the foreboding name, this isn’t cheating or being dishonest. You are simply setting up your home to inspire your buyers so they can imagine everything they’ll be able to do with your home. In order to achieve this, you should:

    • Depersonalize – remove personal pictures, items and keepsakes. Basically, anything personal has to go.
    • Minimalistic approach – setting up your home in a minimalistic manner will make it look tidier and more spacious. This should fix a lot of reasons your home might not be selling.


  • Highlight the best parts – use lighting, interesting wallpapers or decorations to tastefully highlight the parts of your home which, in your opinion, deserve it.



Another marketing reason your home might not be selling is the choice of photos you made. As we’ve already mentioned, advertising is very important if you want to get a quick sell. The best way to advertise your place online is to take professional photos of the home you are trying to sell. These will provide the first and the most important hook for your potential buyers, whether they are locals or coming to Mississippi from long distance. So, make sure they’re interesting and show your home in the best possible light.

Finally, the last one among the reasons your home might not be selling is the only one you won’t be able to affect in any way whatsoever. This factor is personal preference. Your home could be sitting for a long time if people who check it out don’t like it. This is why it’s crucial to advertise your home well by hiring a reliable realtor, taking good pictures and making sure everyone knows you’re selling a home.

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