5 Tips for Throwing a Summer Dinner Party

When summer finally rolls around, you have to take advantage of the beautiful weather at every opportunity. One of our favorite ways to get outside is by throwing a summer dinner party. It’s a perfect way to gather everyone you love around a table and enjoy their company. Delicious food and refreshing beverages are surefire ways to make dinner parties a staple in your household. Here are five tips for throwing a summer dinner party.

1. Plan a Simple Menu

When you’re planning the menu for your dinner party, remember these four words: light, bright, seasonal, and grillable. When it comes to summer dinner party menus, simplicity is key. Pick items you can prep the night before—think kabobs, salads, and seafood. Scatter snacks around the table to keep hunger at bay while you’re preparing the main course—platters and charcuterie boards are all the rage, so get creative.

2. Decorate Off the Table

Keeping your dinner table simple will prevent the table from getting messy and overcrowded. Placing simple decorations around your yard or patio instead of on the table will wow your guests crowds and keep stress at bay. Twinkly lights are a crowd-pleaser; hang them from the trees for a beautiful ambiance. Think floral—blossoms placed around the yard are an effortless, lovely form of décor.

3. Set up a Drink Station

No dinner party is complete without a drink station. Whether you’re keeping it casual with water and fresh lemonade or looking to show off your mixology skills, make sure to set up a table for drinks alone. Keep alcoholic drinks light: hold off on the ultra-sugary beverages and go for something crisp, refreshing, and low in alcohol instead. Though it’s always a plus when guests understand how alcohol affects their bodies and know how to handle themselves accordingly, stocking drinks with low alcohol content will lessen your worries.

4. Fog in Advance

Mosquito control is something your dinner guests will be endlessly thankful for. There’s nothing worse than attending a party and getting attacked by mosquitos all night. To prevent this, schedule a mosquito fogging with a pest control service in advance. You and your guests will be grateful for this when the day of the party comes.

5. Meet and Greet

When it comes to the night of the party, you may be a bit busy. To minimize your stress during the day, make your introductions in advance. Give guests personalized place cards that will provide them with unique conversation starters. Aim for light-hearted ways to connect your guests—once you have time to join them, you’ll have plenty to discuss.

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