CBD Tincture Infused Beauty Products Every Bride Can Benefit From

Bride’s today tend to have a ton of planning tools on hand to help them plan their perfect day, yet their anxiety often still gets the better of them. Planning a wedding can be incredibly time-consuming, and by the time the day arrives, most brides find themselves stressed, anxious and unable to truly relax and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

The latest trend that is becoming increasingly popular is CBD infused beauty products that are designed to help the bride relax as much as possible before she takes center stage walking down the aisle.

From CBD infused face creams to massage oil, many beauty professionals who are contracted for beauty treatments in the immediate lead up to weddings are finding that they have excellent results using oils and creams that are infused with CBD and Brides are finally becoming relaxed enough to actually be able to enjoy their day.

Nowadays, CBD oil is frequently used as part of a pre-wedding facial, as not only does it plump the skin and hydrate it, it also helps relax facial muscles and can even help with internal issues like headaches and migraines.

Here are our favorite CBD tincture infused beauty products that every bride can benefit from:

Farmacy Better Daze Ahead CBD Moisturizer

Every bride’s worst nightmare is waking up on their big day to find that they have dry, flaky skin or the stress of wedding planning has caused them to break out in zits. This dreamy smelling facial moisturizer is packed full of hydrating goodness that helps restore dry skin, and the incredible smelling blend of holy basil, ginseng and reishi mushroom will protect your dermis from stressors in the environment.


Quickly becoming a firm favorite amongst bridal hairdressers, this rich CBD serum is a must if you want to ensure that your locks are hydrated and frizz is kept to a minimum. We recommend using this product for at least a couple of weeks in the lead up to your wedding so that your hair will behave on the day and will emit a gorgeous shine that everyone will be sure to admire.

Cannuka CBD Healing Balm

If you are having a summer wedding, then you want to be sure that every inch of skin on display is glowing. This balm offers excellent value for money, and it can be applied daily to heal bruises, blemishes, and it’s also great at soothing skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

CBD Infused Lip Balm by Herb Essentials

The first kiss at your wedding is hopefully going to be a moment that you will remember for the rest of your life, which is why you want to make sure that your lips are fully moisturized and supple. This compact balm by Herb Essentials can be discreetly kept on hand to rehydrate your lips during the events of your wedding day.

Dirty Grass perfume by Heretic

Don’t be put off by the name; this magnificent fragrance blends the gorgeous scent of pink pepper, vetivert, violet leaf and lemon with the functional relaxation that CBD will provide you with to help combat your nerves. When you spritz it on, you will not only smell gorgeous; you will start feeling wonderfully relaxed thanks to the aromatherapeutic CBD content that penetrates your bloodstream through your skin and helps you to keep things chill amongst the chaos of last-minute wedding prep.

Sagely Naturals Dreamwell Collection

Sleep deprivation as a result of last-minute nerves and worry that everything is all set for the moment you walk down the aisle is not great when you want to wake up feeling positive, fresh and rested. Weddings can be incredibly stressful, especially if you have invited a large number of guests and you don’t like being the center of attention! The Dreamwell collection includes body oil that can be used for massaging your temples and pressure points before going to sleep, traditional CBD capsules that can be ingested before bed and a roll-on serum.

Kush Queen Bath Bombs

If you find that soaking in a hot bath helps de-stress you, then this is how you should start your wedding day preparations. Amidst the chaos of last-minute wedding day panic over logistics, taking 15 minutes to immerse yourself in some warm water infused with a gorgeous smelling CBD bath bomb is going to get rid of all of that pent-up tension you have trapped in your muscles. These bath bombs also have powerful antioxidant properties, and they can dramatically reduce inflammation, bloating and swelling.

Lord Jones Royal Oil

The most recent creation from CBD mega-brand Lord Jones is a decadent serum formulated with two simple ingredients; CBD and grapeseed oil. You can either apply the oil topically to get rid of aches and pains, or it can be ingested orally, making it perfect for weddings abroad where space saving is a must! This tincture also doubles up as a mosquito repellant and can help soothe existing bug bites, so if you only get one item out of the products mentioned in this article, make sure that this is it!

Final Thoughts

Your wedding day doesn’t have to be stressful; even the planning can be enjoyable if you take your time and approach the tasks in front of you with a clear head and calmness. With a few CBD gummies or a bottle of CBD energy shot, your wedding planning will definitely be flawless.

CBD infused beauty products are already used by several beauty therapists who have been amazed at the changes they have seen in body and mind and there is no better time to take advantage of the healing properties these products contain than the lead up to your picture-perfect wedding.

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