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Professional Certifications for Non-Technical People

Professional Certifications for Non-Technical People

Even though it might seem like it, not all the good-paying jobs are related to IT and computers. Many other jobs out there pay very well and allow you to support yourself and a family. If you’re looking for your first job or you want to get into a new field, there are lots of avenues to take. Professional certifications for non-technical people are available to help you along. A professional certificate looks good on a résumé, and it tells recruiters and hiring managers that you’re serious about your career. With some training and some time, you can start a new path or advance your current career.

Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technicians work under the guidance of licensed pharmacists. They’re responsible for filling prescriptions, checking inventory levels, and working with patients and their insurance companies. The training for this field only takes about three months, but you’ll cover a lot in that short time. You’ll learn about drug classifications, pharmacy management, and terminology.

Forklift Operator

Earning a certificate as a forklift operator will qualify you to drive a number of powered industrial trucks. Forklifts are used in many fields and for many applications, not just for warehousing and logistics. You can find forklifts in junkyards, boatyards, construction sites, and foundries. The size and work that forklifts can do make them invaluable tools in many industries. You can earn a certificate in just one or two days, depending on the course.

Construction and Building Inspector

Inspectors check building sites to make sure everything is up to code. Each city and state has its own set of building codes, which exist to make sure builders use best practices and don’t cut corners. Inspections ensure safe structures that won’t collapse or catch on fire.

Surgical Technologist

Surgical technologists are integral components of surgical teams. A surgical tech assists the surgeon in the operating room. Their primary function is to set up the operating room ahead of a surgery, sterilizing the equipment, and making sure all the supplies are in place. This is a more advanced certificate that you can earn in one to two years at a junior college.

Ultrasound Technician

Ultrasound technicians are medical professionals who conduct sonograms. They receive training to operate ultrasound machines and interpret the images. Pregnant women make up the majority of people who get sonograms, to monitor the health of the baby. An ultrasound tech will help doctors find abnormalities in the images and make diagnoses. Most certificate programs are 12 to 18 months in length.

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