Entertaining Activities for Your Company Picnic

Company picnics are great ways to strengthen workplace bonds and boost morale. Such events can take place on beaches, at parks, at community centers, or at even zoos. Wherever the location, it’s important to come prepared with a good amount of activities to make your event a success. For ideas on how to entertain your employees, consider these fun activities for your company picnic.

Team-building activities

Often, the goal of company picnics is to strengthen relationships between employees. One of the best ways to do this is by engaging them in team-building games. Such games may include classic potato sack races, relay races, water balloon tosses, tug-of-war, or scavenger hunts. For optimal bonding results, try to encourage everyone to participate in at least one team-building activity.

Office trivia

Help everyone in your company get to know each other a little better by playing a fun game of office trivia. To do so, come up with an array of questions about other employees and the company. To make things interesting, include a good mix of easy and obscure questions to get your teams thinking—don’t forget to have a few tie-breaker questions ready. Then, break everyone into teams and keep score throughout the game. Consider awarding the winners a prize.

Sports matches

Games such as flag football, volleyball, and baseball are typically easy to arrange, and they’re often crowd favorites. Plus, team sports are known for helping people bond, which will likely result in a closer-knit company by the end of the match.

Children’s activities

Many company picnics allow employees to bring their kids along for the fun. To avoid having the kiddos wandering around aimlessly and constantly asking when they can leave, keep them entertained. One of the best ways to do so is with an inflatable bounce house. Most kids love bounce houses, and they can spend hours playing in them. Plus, the kids will be kept in a contained area, so you won’t have to worry about them running off. Additional activities to entertain children may involve face painting, obstacle courses, treasure hunts, and more.

A raffle

Raffles make fun additions to any event. To throw one, have a stream of numbered tickets ready and a few desirable prizes. Then, wait towards the end of the event to announce the winner. Having a raffle is a great way to make sure people stick around longer, because they’ll want to wait to see the results.

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