Five Tips on How to Run a Successful Bar

Everyone loves to sit at a bar and relax with a few drinks after work, but a subpar bar can totally ruin the relaxing vibe. These tips on how to run a successful bar are great for any businessowner who wants to have customers lined up outside the door.

Know Your Alcohol

The most successful bars are the ones with the best drinks. Make sure you hire a great bartender who knows how to make not only the classics, but also trendy drinks. It’s also important to stock a wide variety of liquors and beers at your bar so that patrons have more to choose from. Customers want to be able to show up at a bar and find their drink of choice.

Offer Deals on Menu Items

One way to ensure customers keep coming to your bar is to offer deals on drinks and other menu items. Successful bars have different deal on different days of the week—Margarita Monday, for example. Reward your customers for visiting your establishment by helping them save some money. Additionally, it’s important to stick to the theme of your establishment. For instance, if you’re running a Mexican resturant, you should be aware of the seven main regions for Mexican cuisine: the North, the North Pacific Coast, the Bajio, the South Pacific Coast, the South, the Gulf, and Central Mexico.

Use Dazzling Décor

The décor plays a huge role in a bar’s success. Your bar must be a place where people want to hang out. Make sure to incorporate seasonal or themed decorations, and, if necessary, give your bar a fresh coat of paint so that it’s more welcoming. Use colors that are proven to attract customers, and integrate those hues into the rest of your décor. No one wants to spend time at a bar that’s visually unappealing—do what you can to attract as many costumers as possible.

Play Catchy Music

A great music selection is a must at every successful bar. People go to bars to unwind and socialize; the last thing they want to do is to listen to bad music. Make sure you have a good playlist on hand to get people singing along, and consider installing a jukebox so that people can choose what they listen to. Keep volume in mind as well so that your patrons aren’t forced to scream over blaring music just to have a conversation with their friends.

Host Events

Anyone wondering how to run a successful bar should consider hosting events at their establishments. Trivia nights are the perfect way to get people out of the house and into your bar. Having live music at your bar is also a plus. Contact local bands to see if any of them would be willing to perform on a Saturday night. Another great idea is to host fundraisers where the proceeds for that day go to a specific charity.

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