Tips for Staying Safe While Drinking

Tips for Staying Safe While Drinking

Parties are fun, and they often contribute to an active social life. They can be great social events to bond with your friends and meet new people. However, if alcohol is involved, they also have the potential to become dangerous. Knowing how to avoid trouble is crucial to everyone’s safety, so if you like to enjoy a drink or two when you attend parties, make sure to read up on these tips for staying safe while drinking.

Designate a sober friend

Drinking and driving can have devastating consequences. The driver may end up with a DUI or increased insurance costs—or someone could even lose their life in a crash. To avoid these consequences, choose a sober friend. A sober friend is similar to a designated driver, but the former has more responsibilities. The sober friend may act as a designated driver; this means that they don’t drink at all and that they’re in charge of safely driving your group home at the end of the night. Your sober friend should also spend their time at the party looking after their intoxicated friends. They should keep track of their group and keep a “no man left behind” mentality.

Mind your drink

Always keep a hand and an eye on your drink. If possible, bring a cup with a lid and a straw from home to prevent anyone from tampering with your drink if you become distracted. If you don’t have this option, hold your cup by the rim, keeping your hand over the open top. Never set your cup down, hand it off to anyone else, or let someone pour a drink for you.

Stay in a group

In general, you shouldn’t attend or leave a party alone, especially if you’re going to be drinking. In fact, a good rule of thumb is to leave with whoever you came with. Don’t go home with a stranger or join a group of strangers—you never know their intentions. Instead, swap phone numbers or social media handles to reach out at a time when you can meet up in a public place during the day. Don’t leave anyone from your group behind, and help your group strictly enforce a leaving time, meeting spot, and after-party plan.

Keep your phone charged

Fully charging your phone before heading out for the night is the responsible thing to do in case you run into an emergency, lose your friends, or need any other sort of assistance. Make sure to keep track of it throughout the night. Don’t keep it in your back pocket, where it can be easily stolen, and don’t set it down where you may forget it. Keep it with you all night, and regularly check it in case a group member needs assistance.

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