How to Protect Your Car in the Winter

How to Protect Your Car in the Winter

The winter season is notorious for bad driving conditions. Ice, snow, skidding, frosted windows, snowbanks—the list goes on. Even worse, these conditions can make your car fail. Learn how to protect your car in the winter with these simple solutions. You don’t want to wait before it’s too late.

Get Creative

It’s not wrong to think outside the box for winter weather. The harsh temperatures and road conditions can ruin your exterior, but you can actually combat this with everyday household items. For example, you can keep cat litter in your car to defog windows. Simply fill up a sock with some cat litter and leave it next to your dashboard. This will absorb moisture and damp odors. Another idea is to keep a shovel in the trunk or backseat. This is for emergencies, in case you’re trapped in a snowbank. A shovel is the perfect tool for clearing up some pavement or digging your way out from some treacherous snow.

Use a Car Cover and Keep Your Car Clean

A car cover protects your vehicle from harsh weather. If you leave your car outside, then you’ll likely experience frosted windows, ice, and skidding wheels. A car cover will prevent snow and ice from collecting on your exterior. You can also use car covers any other time of the year to keep your car spotless.

Whether or not you have a car cover, it’s essential to keep your car clean in the winter. All that ice, slush, and salt on the road can cause some major problems to your car’s exterior. Invest in a specialized car care kit to bring out your ride’s shine and protect it through the cold months.

Get Some Good Winter Tires

Winter tires, or snow tires, are designed to be used on snow or ice. They have a unique tread design with large gaps that increase traction on snowy or icy roads. Some snow tires have metal studs which improve grip on icy roads. They greatly reduce the chances of skidding and other winter driving risks, but do not prevent it entirely.

Another idea is to attach snow chains to your wheels. These are fitted to your tires to provide maximum traction during snowy or icy conditions. While it decreases fuel efficiency and speed, snow chains allow traction and braking on slick surfaces. Keep in mind, though, that some local ordinances prevent snow chains due to their effect on road surfaces.

Replace Windshield Wipers

Replacing your regular wiper blades with winter wiper blades is an efficient way to make your car winter-ready. They are more flexible and better at protecting against snow and ice buildup than regular wiper blades. Winter wiper blades have a sturdier frame made of large, synthetic rubber, which allows them to remain flexible and durable in freezing temperatures.

Refill Your Fluids

You should consider refilling fluids with winter-formulated blends. These have a greater alcohol-to-water ratio, which makes them less likely to freeze. You can also refill your anti-freeze. Check your owner’s manual for the recommended ratio. Make sure you’re fully prepared to protect your car this season to stay safe on the road.

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