5 Tell Tale Signs You Need A Logo Refresh

A lot of businesses make the mistake of assuming that logo they currently have is perfect, that it’s the only logo they will ever need and they don’t need to think twice about it. However, this is rarely the case. Eventually, a logo will need a refresh. There are a number of tell tale signs that you need a logo refresh, such as the logo looking outdated or not clearly representing what the brand offers. You may even need a logo refresh if it looks too similar to another business.


You Need a Logo Refresh If… 


  1. It’s Not Unique – If you want to stand out from your competitors, you need to have a unique logo. Simply, logos go on everything – from business cards to large pull up banners. Being original is extremely important when it comes to creating a recognisable brand, which is why you need a logo that is going to stand out. There’s no point in having a logo that someone could confused with another business, as this isn’t memorable.


  1. It’s Old and Outdated – If you have had the same logo for a number of years, there’s a high chance that it is now old and outdated. Even successful international companies adjust and tweak their logos once in a while to ensure that they appear modern and on trend. Though these changes are usually only minor, they can make a big difference in regards to how effective a logo is. You don’t want people to assume that your business is not modern, up to date and ahead of the competition.


  1. It’s a DIY Logo – In a bid to save money, a lot of business owners initially design their own logo as a sort of DIY project and hope for the best. If this is the case and your budget now allows you to do so, it’s probably a good idea to have a logo refresh with the help of a professional. It’s very easy to tell the difference between a DIY logo and a logo that has been designed by an expert, with the former looking noticeable less professional.


  1. It Doesn’t Make Sense – Though you may understand what your logo represents, it’s your customers that you need to think about. If your logo does not appear to your target audience and existing customers, it’s time to rethink a few things. An effective logo is one that is clear, simple and conveys a concise message. A logo should reflect what the business is and what the business offers.


  1. It Doesn’t Meet Industry Standards – You should always aim to do something a little differently than your competitors when it comes to a logo, but avoid deviating from industry standards. If your business stands out as having a logo that is unlike any other businesses in the same industry, your target audience may wonder why. This isn’t necessarily a good thing as it can send the wrong message. You don’t want people to assume that you don’t know what you are doing.

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