The #1 Toughest Job In The World

The phone rings at 3 am. It’s another job. Time to go and mop up, or clean up death. Hurriedly, you wake up, pick up your tools of trade and Hazmat suit and head towards the crime scene. In this line of work, timelines are vital. Every passing minute, blood drenches and seeps in through the carpet, and the smell of death becomes more putrid. Time is of the essence as you try to get there first. This is what they do. They are specialists in making all that is morbid, the guts, filth, and blood entirely disappear. So, what makes this the top toughest job? Read along to find out.


They say that every crime scene has a story behind it. For the “aftermath technicians”, a connotation that usually denotes them, they tend to experience the story behind it firsthand. That dreaded call during the wee hours of the morning opens up a door of uncertainty as they don’t have a clue as to what they are going to encounter. Sadly, some of the crime scenes are ghastly. One must have a tough stomach for this job. Otherwise, it may start getting to you. They usually are tasked with leaving the scene tidy, but in rare cases do they leave the images they’ve seen behind.


According to crime scene cleaners, the hardest part of the job is the aspect of loneliness. From the victim’s perspective, when going through their belongings, seeing pictures during their early years will most likely elicit a sense of isolation. Figuring under what circumstances they died alone and without anyone noticing creates a sense of internal disturbance as to how the world can be cruel.

As a “technician”, people tend to talk ill and shy away from you due to your profession. In most cases, the only people you talk to are your colleagues at work and make none –related jokes during work to get by.

Emotional Torment

As much as these professionals get trained to do their job, there’re certain aspects of their roles that seem hard for them to fulfill. For example, a crime scene involving a child might prove to be too traumatic for a professional who is a parent. Sometimes, the emotional torment becomes too much to the point of affecting one’s performance.

Deterioration of Personal Relationships

Most of these professionals leave their personal lives to offer their services to those in need. They end up missing family dinners; miss out on time with their loved ones, and worse still, deterioration of marital life. Scrambling out of bed at 3 am to head out to a crime scene will leave a lot to be desired from your spouse. Many questions arise later as to whether that is the kind of life they’d want to live for the rest of their lives. Getting a supportive partner to support you in what you do is quite difficult.

Being a professional in such a field calls for dedication and thick skin. They take charge to make sure that life seems ordinary and ensure continuity after a tragedy. Being the toughest job around, they give their all to people and expect nothing in return. The least we can do is appreciate them and show them that their work in society is acknowledged and appreciated.


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