How to Become a Certified Crane Operator

How to Become a Certified Crane Operator

Cranes are intense and large machines that are responsible for lifting heavy loads to their designated place. It takes a specific person to operate one of these machines to complete a construction project. These people are crane operators, and they must go through various classroom and on-the-job experiences to become proficient in their trade. For anyone interested in this line of work, know how to become a certified crane operator through these steps.

Get Trained

Before you can work as a professional crane operator, you must receive the proper training and education. Most of the training you’ll receive is on the job, but there are training courses available. Check with your local community college, technical school, union, or trade school for classes and training sessions. These lessons will cover safety regulations, machine maintenance, rigging and wire ropes, inspections, different crane types, load capacity, and many other topics.

Gain Work Experience

Once you’ve attended classes, you can apply to become an apprentice. Check with your local training center or online to find crane operator apprenticeships near you. This will give you plenty of work experience with different crane types and load sizes. You can also check with your local chapter of the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) for apprenticeships. The IUOE is the leading trade union for crane and heavy equipment operators in the US.

Obtain the Proper Certification

From there, you can receive the necessary certification. Certain cranes require certification to operate. This also depends on the job and project, but most of the time, crane operators must receive proper licensing to complete the task. This usually requires a written and practical exam to test your knowledge and competency of the subject. Still, there are other reasons why getting certified is important. Certified crane operators are more likely to experience career advancement and this certification shows that operators can perform the job safely and responsibly. The two largest crane certifiers in the United States are the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) and the Crane Institute of America (CIC).

Find a Job

Once you’ve received certification, you can look for employment. Certifications greatly improve your chances of finding a job. At this point, you’ll have all the necessary training and on-the-job learning to assure you’re proficient at the job.

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