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Tips for Real Estate Agents When Working from Home

Tips for Real Estate Agents When Working from Home

People all around the world are moving their operations to their homes due to the coronavirus outbreak. This has caused many people to set up makeshift workplaces at home, including real estate agents. To help you get through these bizarre times, here are some tips for real estate agents when working from home.

Get a Standing Desk

A common cause of fatigue in the workplace is sitting down all day. If you don’t have a standing desk in your office space, now is the best time to get one while you are stationed at home for the coming weeks. A common mistake people make when they do get a standing desk is standing up too much. Instead, to use your standing desk properly, you need to use it for approximately 15 minutes each hour.

Get Comfortable

If you don’t already have one, get yourself an ergonomic chair as well. Standing desks are great, but you aren’t going to be standing all day. Plus, an ergonomic chair will not only keep you comfortable throughout the day, but it will also promote good posture, which can prevent other causes of fatigue.

Invest in High-Speed Internet

The next tip for real estate agents when working from home is that you may have to improve your internet speed. In real estate, you need to utilize cloud programs and social media to close deals. Therefore, fast internet speed is essential. You might not be the only person working from home these next few months either, so to avoid any breaks in connection, increase the internet speed in your home.

Utilize Multiple Monitors

Staying productive at home can be difficult. One way you can improve your productivity is to add multiple monitors to your setup. Dual monitors can instantly help you multitask throughout the workday and look over lots of information in an efficient manner.

Get a Quality Webcam

Communication is one of the most important aspects of real estate. If you don’t have a webcam or a laptop with webcam capabilities already, then you will most likely need one. Since you can’t speak with clients in person, a webcam is the only way of doing so for the foreseeable future.

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