Which wild animals will you most likely find causing you problems in your Mississippi home?

Wild animals are continually causing problems for the people of Mississippi. Not only are they a threat to humans, but they are also a threat to our pets, belongings, and health. 

Mississippi wildlife fisheries and parks sealAccording to the Mississippi Department of Wild, Fisheries, and Parks, these are a few nuisance wild animals that can cause problems for the people of Mississippi.

  • Beaver
  • Coyote
  • Fox
  • Nutria
  • Skunk
  • Wild hogs 

All of them present dangers to humans and pets. 


Some problems associated with these wild animals 

Beavers: Beavers, despite their biting capability, don’t happen to be aggressive towards animals and humans. But, they do cause problems to your home, garden, and pools. If you find a beaver in your home, be sure to call pest control right away. 

Coyote: Coyotes can be aggressive and can even fatally attack pets or people. In Mississippi, cases have been reported in which coyotes have caused the death of household pets. 

Fox: Foxes are not an aggressive animal and their bites are not that dangerous. They can cause problems for your pool if you don’t install an obstacle. Some foxes are carriers of rabies as well. You should get vaccinated for rabies to be on the safe side if you suffer from a fox bite.

Nutria: They are a threat to the vegetation and buildings. While they are not thought to be aggressive to humans and pets, they can damage your garden and the building structure of your home.

Skunk: Skunks emit foul spray if you target or threaten them. The spray is even capable of making you blind. Diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting are common problems associated with its spray. Be careful when  you come into contact with a skunk, they are nuisance animals that can be dangerous. 

Wild Hogs: Humans are threatened by wild hogs as they attack them and cause injuries.

Some trapping principles for wild animals wild animal trap

Trapping wildlife is not that easy as they can cause problems for you. For technical guidance, you can reach out to the following departments in Mississippi.

  • USDA Wildlife Services (MS) – (662) 325-3014
  • MDWFP Wildlife Bureau – (601) 432-2199
  • Mississippi State University (wildpiginfo.msstate.edu/)


  • A trapping license is required. Any person older than 16 years old can get a trapping license after mandatory training.
  • Wild hogs can be trapped without having a license.
  • The aid of bait or use of musical instruments are illegal to trap them.
  • Scents that attract them can be used to trap them.
  • Ethical trapping allows you to lure the wild animals in Mississippi.


This guide can help the residents of Mississippi familiarize themselves with the wild animals that can pose problems to their homes. It is also important to remember that the trapping and removal of some of these animal pests requires training and the proper license.




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