Pleasant Green Missionary Baptist Church celebrates 150 years

On June 28, Pleasant Green Missionary Baptist Church (PGBC), located at 505 East College Street, shepherded by Reverend Darrel McQuirter, will celebrate 150 years of religious service in the Clinton community. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic necessitating social distancing, worship service and Sunday school activities will be broadcast on YouTube and Facebook.

June 1852, the First Baptist church of Clinton was incorporated, ending that first year with fifty-six members, twenty-eight whites and twenty-eight blacks. For the first eight years, the congregation worshipped together on the Mississippi College campus. After the campus chapel was built in 1860, blacks were allowed to worship independently in the chapel basement. Led by Mississippi College Professor Reverend T.A. Parrish and college president Walter Hillman, in 1867 a Sunday School was formed for the black congregants.

Pleasant Green Missionary Baptist Church was established in 1870 under the leadership of Reverend Dunbar, who was associated with Mississippi College. The college allowed PGBC to meet on the Robinson’s Athletic Field until property was purchased and a wood frame structure was built, incorporating stained glass windows at what is now 505 East College Street. As time progressed, a brick building with modem amenities was erected. Currently, Pleasant Green Missionary Baptist Church acknowledges the struggles and accomplishments of the spirit-filled and faithful people and events of the past that have made a bright future for the current members of PGBC.

Now, the church’s legacy continues, ever growing and building, while striving to keep all plans within God’s will and reaching out to all people.

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