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Rowing Machines as a Home Gym Addition

using rowing machine in home gymCardio, the ever-giving health improver many of us dread even thinking about. Whether it’s running, walking, sprinting, hiking, spinning, rowing, or swimming, cardio can balance out those bad diet choices and low-activity days we all have at least a few times during the week. 

With the addition of quarantine to our daily lives, the question of “should I go to the gym today?” simply fades to the back of our minds, leaving us with zero guilt as we sit on the couch and polish off a pint of ice cream. “Well, I can’t go to the gym anyway so there’s nothing I can do.” I hear this thought in the back of my head every day that I avoid any activity or outside exercise, yet it’s abundantly clear that I can simply go outside for a walk or run, regardless of the status of my gym. Why is it that we all hate to workout, yet when we finish, we feel better than ever? “I’m so happy I did that.” I also always say to myself when I muster up the energy to get in some type of movement for the day. 

It’s funny the way our brain plays tricks on us; when we should do something it usually feels like a struggle to get it done, but when we actually do it, looking in hindsight at the back and forth in our minds just seems silly. This applies to many things, and getting in a good rowing session is not an exception. 

The mental battle of getting in your workout is not much different when you have a home gym, I have learned. The designated space for activity and cardio is right at your fingertips, yet the voice in your head is still anchoring you to the couch and giving your mind countless reasons as to why you shouldn’t just get up and get moving. What’s all the fuss? Once we get into a routine, it’s not even a thought in our minds. Through experience, I’ve found that the best thing you can do is simply force yourself to get in some cardio until it becomes a habit that’s part of your daily routine. At this point, getting off and on that rowing machine is less of an internal struggle and more of a stress reliever than anything else. 

The reasons we love a rowing machine for your home gym is simple: it’s a fast way to get your heart rate up, helps with your cardiovascular health, is entertaining, and is a full-body workout all at the same time. Whether you have 45 minutes to get on your rower or 10, the mental benefits are still there, too. 

A rowing machine is a great addition to your home gym, not only because of the health benefits but also because it doesn’t take up too much space. Whether your fitness goal is losing weight, gaining upper body muscle, lower body muscle, or just maintaining your current shape, the rower will aid you in reaching that goal. 

There are a few different types of rowing machines and their differences lie in the type of resistance system the machine has. There are 3 different resistance options on rowing machines: air, water, and magnetic resistance. 

Air resistance is what you’ll find on the cheapest options, as it feels the least smooth and is not as natural as the water resistance. The water resistance works by real water in your tank that the flywheel rows through, giving you that natural momentum as if you were actually rowing in the water. Magnetic resistance machines, like the RW200 rower is great because it is very quiet and smooth. This is a big selling point and comes with the top of the line models on the market. No need to worry, though, because you will be able to find a trusty rowing machine at every price range. The differences lie in how long it will last, the smooth feel, and its stability.

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