Unique Visual Merchandising Ideas for Retail

Unique Visual Merchandising Ideas for Retail

Since every business sells its products or services online, business owners need to find a way to separate themselves from their competitors. Your business should have at least one retail location that showcases what you’re selling. But merely having a retail location isn’t going to cut it––you also need to provide a unique retail experience. Several factors go into creating an original retail experience, but one effective way is through visual merchandising. If you’d like to learn a few unique visual merchandising ideas for retail, we encourage you to continue reading our guide below.

Don’t be afraid of podiums and racks that vary in height

You’ve probably been to a store that displays products on racks or shelves at different levels, or they highlight a product on its own platform. Why do you think stores do this? Typically, it’s to draw attention to a new product or sale. By incorporating a hierarchy display, you’re playing with the psychology of consumers perceiving products on the top shelf as higher quality––think of bars that serve “top shelf” liquor.

Draw customer attention using lighting

Take your displays one step further by using lighting to your advantage. Of course, there are various types of lighting, such as undercabinet, overhead, cove, and many more––you’ll have to see what works best for your store. Remember that podium we mentioned before? If you really want to draw attention to that product, you could install an overhead light that shines onto that podium. That way you can highlight different items as you release new products or seasons change, without changing the light fixtures.

Incorporate technology

Everyone enjoys an interesting visual display that uses technology. One simple way you can highlight products is with the help of TVs, but the technology needs to be set up properly in order to be effective. TV, LED, and video screens require different types of HDMI cables, for example, so make sure you’re using the right equipment. You can also incorporate technology into your visual displays through interactive kiosks. Of course, interactive technology will have a larger cost upfront, but customers tend to like the option of using a kiosk nowadays.

By and large, a successful retail venture is dependent on a positive customer experience. If customers don’t feel valued when they come to your store, they’re not going to return. But if your store has interesting visual merchandising, customers will be more likely to make a purchase. We hope these unique visual merchandising ideas for retail help you freshen up your store.

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