6 Insurance Options Every Person Needs To Know About

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Talking about insurance can be a little difficult as most of the reasons that you should get insurance plans to involve scenarios that people don’t want to envision happening to them or the people that they love. Having those difficult conversations is necessary as these horrible scenarios can become even worse if you’re not prepared to handle them as soon as they come.

Here are six insurance options that everyone needs to know about:

Auto Insurance

For starters, driving around with an uninsured vehicle is illegal, so getting auto insurance is a must for anyone driving. What a lot of people don’t know is that there are different levels of auto insurance, such as liability coverage, collision coverage, and comprehensive coverage. Depending on where you live and what vehicle you drive, your insurance agent will be able to tell you which one you need most as living in neighborhoods with higher crime rates might require you to get comprehensive coverage and vice versa. Make sure you trust your insurance agent to have your best interest in mind as the last thing you’d want while picking insurance packages is to have an insurance agent trying to get you to pay for unnecessary packages.

Disability Insurance

More often than not, people don’t realize how prone they are to experiencing injuries that could render them disabled for many months, if not permanently. Breaking a bone while playing any sports or being a part of a car accident can result in you getting disabled for a long time, and without disability insurance, you’ll have to face the fact that you can’t work while you have a ton of incoming medical bills. This could be a big issue if you weren’t equipped with the right insurance packages beforehand as they generally pay out a large percentage of your monthly salary without you having to work during your disability. 


Getting long-term disability isn’t ideal if you’re young and healthy, but short-term insurance can be the option that you should check out to avoid facing financial issues if you were to get injured outside of work.

Health Insurance

Hospital bills without insurance dig a very large hole into your savings in such little time. Whether you get an illness or someone in your family does, you need to be ready to get the treatment required without worrying about going bankrupt. Many employers offer a very cost-effective health insurance plan, but for the people who work for small businesses that don’t, you still have options. One of the simple solutions that you could find without paying a ton is to find a group insurance organization as it’s usually more cost-effective than the last resort, which is private health insurance plans.

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Long-Term Care Insurance

Getting older can mean requiring more help with your daily life, and waiting for too long before you get long-term care insurance might mean that you’ll have to sign up for a very expensive care plan. If you or your parents are getting into the retirement age, you might need to start exploring different long-term care plans that suit the situation at hand. Having more injuries or disabilities would mean needing more help, so think of the case very delicately before making a decision.

Identity Theft Insurance

Traveling around the country or the world puts you at risk of identity theft, which is a lot more common than people think. Having the insurance option that protects you from identity theft is something you need to discuss with your insurance agent to protect you from it at all times, as it can be very messy to clean up.


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Travel Insurance

Another insurance option for the people who love to travel the world is travel insurance, which gives you many benefits that you might need, like the option to cancel your flight plans and getting compensated for your ticket. This also applies to things like missing a flight, losing your baggage, losing your passport, or an emergency medical situation abroad. Having all of those insurance options available keeps you safe and secure, even across borderlines.

Some insurance plans may not serve any purpose for your specific case, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know about them. Knowing many different insurance options can help you recommend them to a friend or a family member that might benefit a lot from them or even help you if you ever find yourself in need of a specific insurance plan. Knowing that you might benefit a lot from having something like group insurance options in case your original insurance plan ends can help you out in sticky situations and save you a ton of money.


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