Ways to Increase Resale Value of Industrial Equipment

Ways to Increase Resale Value of Industrial Equipment

While industries use advanced technologies to increase their productivity, one question remains: what happens with the old hardware? Sometimes, older equipment is recycled and broken down into its raw components. Other times, it’s sold to smaller or newer manufacturers. Any manufacturer looking to sell their older machinery must read these ways to increase the resale value of industrial equipment. Basic preventative maintenance measures, keeping equipment working at proper intervals, and even new polish increase your return on investment. From there, use that money to better your facility with new features or automated services.

Schedule Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance ensures your machinery works properly at every phase from the beginning to the end of every shift. Automation and technology are crucial for manufacturers today. While employee satisfaction and reliability increase production, any lags in equipment can slow these rates. Slowed time leads to lost profits. It also leads to broken or mishandled machinery which buyers will notice. Always schedule preventative maintenance measures when reselling your industrial equipment to make sure it remains in top condition.

Don’t Overuse It

Relatedly, don’t overuse the equipment past its capabilities. Every machine has its lifespan which means it has limited application. While you should equip your facility with the best machinery available, note its condition when selling it. When you are finished with an old machine and ready for an upgrade, repair the existing one if needed. Equipment with obvious wear and tear will have a drastically lower resale value than one that looks like new. This goes along with the next point.

Polish and Clean It

A simple cleaning job is a great way to increase the resale value of your industrial equipment. Like selling a car, a simple cosmetic clean-up can increase buying prospects. As many machines use stainless steel frames, this can lead to issues like rust and general corrosion. Take note of these problems as this affects resale value. Increase your return on investment with any of the many stainless-steel finishes available. That way, when you’re unsure which matches your stainless-steel appliances best, these finishes can help. A polish and wash eliminate rust, scratches, and light-visible imperfections.

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