Improvement Tips to Make Your Bathroom More Relaxing



On your way back home after a long day at work, the first thing you probably think about is the hot bath you are going to take once you arrive. Even if you use a public washroom to freshen up, you cannot feel comfortable except at home. That’s why taking care of your bathroom and designing it in a way that promotes comfort and relaxation will help balance out all of life’s stressors. Here are some tips that will help you relax and clear your head every time you go to the bathroom. 

Color Palettes

Bathroom walls should be painted in neutral colors such as beige, light brown, or grey. These shades are easy on the eyes because they resemble the Earth’s colors. You can add faux wood to provide a cozy environment. Avoid neon colors and shiny ceramics because they keep your mind alert and it’s the last thing you want after a heavy day.

Dim Lights

Although low lights make the room look smaller, they provide more relaxation than bright ones. In the morning, allow the sunlight in because natural light makes you feel alive, unlike the artificial fluorescent ones. Shades can be a nice addition if you want to completely disconnect from the whole world. If you are planning on having an evening shower, you can light some candles. You should go for scented ones that will change the room’s aroma. You can also customize candles with your preferred fragrance.

Install a Jacuzzi

This is a luxury that you can afford. The idea may surprise you, but it doesn’t take much to add a massage head shower. You can choose the areas that your muscles are most tense in and tell your plumber to accurately install the massaging devices. Studies showed that water pressure improves circulation and blood flow. 

Toilet Seating

When nature calls, you will search for any toilet within reach. You won’t realize that your experience was uncomfortable until your back or leg aches after you are done. It is better to choose the right sized toilet from the beginning according to your needs. If you are not that tall, you should stay away from high toilets otherwise, your legs will be left hanging. 


Moreover, the material from which the toilet is made is important. The more durable it is, the less money you will need to spend on a new one every couple of years. Also, you need to be meticulous while deciding which toilet bowl you are going to get. The first quality you should look for is the self-cleaning option. You’ll find that some bowls have strong water flow that flushes down any residues along with any lingering smell, so consider investing in those. 


Towel Radiators

You may catch a cold after bathing because of the sudden change in temperature. Well, towel warmers are here to keep you warm after you are done with your shower. They are used to heat towels before using them and you adjust the temperature based on your preference. Furthermore, the radiator can be used as a dryer if you are in a rush and you want to wear your favorite wet T-shirt. 

Sound System

Music alone can adjust your mood and lift your spirit. Implementing a sound system in your bathroom will save you the hustle of wondering whether the speakers are waterproof or not. You will have a remote control to shuffle between songs and adjust the sound as you like while enjoying your bath. 

A Green Space

There is often a dull appearance to most bathrooms. Fortunately, you can add plants or flowers to liven up the place. Nature is the best thing to turn to when you run out of ideas. Some plants like humidity, so what’s a more perfect environment for them? You can alternate between standing pots and hanging leaf tiles.

Small Additions

There are little things that you can do to create the place you had in mind. When you buy shampoo or any product, remove the labels because they are distracting and can ruin the bathroom decor. A bubble bath and Epsom salt are so good because they give you a long-lasting smell and takes the negativity out of your body. Last but not least, a cup holder along with a shelf full of magazines or books is the addition that you will be glad you have.


A relaxing bathroom will provide you with a level of serenity and comfort you never knew you needed. It is not hard to apply these improvements by yourself without any help from technicians, plumbers, or designers. You should make any changes you see fit to make the room where you spend a huge amount of time as relaxing as possible. Life will be much easier after taking a long bath in your safe haven!

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