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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Persian Cats

Persian cats were introduced to Europe by Middle Eastern traders. They would bring all sorts of goods, but what caught the eye of the European people were the beautiful Persian cats. Even though Persian cats have been the top pick of people all over the world, there are still things that might surprise you and make you wonder if you ever knew the famous creatures. 

A lot of Hard Work:

Whenever we spot a Persian cat, we are always fascinated by their beautiful fur. This silky and shiny fur happens to be the unique feature of Persian cats. However, these attractive features come at the cost of continuous hard work.

Keeping a Persian cat is a lot of work as there are certain things that an owner needs to tend to. These cats are known to be high maintenance cats due to their fur. Their fur has to be brushed every other day due to their coat being somewhat oily and lengthy. If they aren’t combed once every day, then little mats can easily be found in their fur. 

In addition to this, where some cats have the habit of licking themselves clean, Persian cats have to be given baths regularly. After a bath, a coat conditioner is also applied to ensure that the skin and fur don’t dry out. The upside of these is that the cat shreds less, and its fur becomes extremely smooth. 

Famously called ‘Furniture with Fur’:

Persian cats are extremely lazy due to which they have earned the nickname ‘Furniture with fur’ for themselves.  They happen to remain inactive for long periods and stay in the same place. Even though other cats are curious and tend to get in trouble for being mischievous, Persian cats lack the will to move and enjoy doing nothing.

However, they are still fond of interacting with their owners and playing when they want to. This lazy behavior is nevertheless justified by them being brutally adorable and knowing that ‘beauty sleep’ is required to look this good. The only advantage of this is that you can chill with Persian cats 24/7 if you are an introvert, and they will be the perfect lap companion you ever dreamed of.

Not Children Friendly:

Persian cats happen to be slightly shy, and an environment with noise and disruption does not sit well with them. Kids tend to be playful and pretty unpredictable, which serves as a reason for this type of environment that is not suitable for Persian cats. 

Young children might also accidentally hurt the cat while attempting to play with it. Kids are still learning and have to be extremely careful to treat the cat softly. However, if you have a family with kids who understand the Persian cat’s critical needs and know how to deal with it, they will get along beautifully. Persian cats and children aren’t good combinations, so still being able to make it work is nothing short of a miracle. 

persian catBeing Slow-Witted:

Cats are known to be the most crafty and clever creatures on the planet. However, after breeding many Persian cats, most breeders often agree that Persian cats are stupid.

The word ‘stupid’ might come off as too strong for a Persian cat, though. It will be safe to say that they have a slower development level than other breeds. They happen to understand and grasp things later. Some Persian cats aren’t even able to figure out how to use the litter box after eight weeks.

In addition to this, Persian cats also suck at being a predator or hunter. Most breeders have noticed how Persian cats hate to move, let alone chase a mouse. They don’t seem to have the same thrill that other breeds achieve from catching a mouse.

Surprisingly Friendly, Yet Lazy:

People are mostly attracted to Persians for their attractive looks, but there is more than what meets the eye to Persians. Where other cat breeds are affectionate and playful when they want to be, Persian cats are amicable. So friendly that they are often referred to as the ‘dog cats’ due to their liking of humans.

Owners of other cat breeds famously ask themselves the questions as to why do cats bite? Seeing how their cats often retract with bites when not in a playful mood. However, the Persian cat owners would never have to face this problem as they aren’t an aggressive breed. Moreover, their lazy and laid back personality never enables them to make the effort of biting a human.

Persian cats respond to their name and even come willingly, which is a trick foreign to other cat breeds. Persian cats also happen to be extremely chatty with their owners and converse in a sing-song tone. However, this shouldn’t give you the idea that these cats will be active as well. Persian cats sleep 20 hours a day and enjoy staying cuddled on their owners’ laps for long periods.

They are Indoor Cats:

Persian cats are breeds that are often associated with royalty as kings and concubines once owned them. They are known to be extraordinarily domesticated and are under no circumstances considered an outdoor cat. 

If you happen to be the owner of a Persian cat, then it is your right to keep it. However, you should know that this breed does not fit the description of an alley cat in any way possible. They happen to be sensitive towards disruption and loud noises. Also, they have a soft body temperament and composition due to which indoor suits them the best. Plus, they are also quite vulnerable to dust infections.

It also might be a good idea to keep your Persian cat indoors so that maggots don’t make a home in their beautiful fur. Persian cats that roam outside are often exposed to insects, which might even prove harmful to their tender skin.

All in all, Persian cats are beautiful creatures and should be considered pets if you are considering getting one. Sure, they are costly and require high maintenance; but good things always come at a price even after they are bought.


  1. Linda Dalby on September 26, 2020 at 4:23 am

    I have a wonderful persian but he is most definitely a garden lover even when he wants to go to the toilet . he loves his home comforts but does love being in the garden . brushed 3 times a day which he loves but put him in the bath he has the neighbours knocking as he screams

  2. Shirley on March 5, 2021 at 8:53 am

    My Persian girl and Persian cross NFC hate water so I brush them with dry shampoo, and I use coat conditioner every week. Their eyes need careful attention and regular clipping but it’s all worth it because they are so very special.

  3. Michael on June 2, 2021 at 7:02 am

    My beautiful black, part Persian girl loves being out also.
    She also loves her sleep on my bed.
    She is slowing down now as she is 11 years old & does spend a lot of time sleeping.
    But she is still active, she caught a mouse, in the house 3 days ago.
    l love her very much.

  4. Michelle on June 29, 2021 at 9:15 am

    Our beloved kitty is now about a year and is quite adventurous and playful. She is curious, cuddly, and sociable with new people. Agree these breeds have such a sweet, gentle, quiet temperament. She is not a fan of baths, so we do a dry shampoo bath with wipes often. She doesn’t love brushing either, but will allow us to wipe her eyes, and trim her nails. We also give the tarter prevention treats. These are such special kitties.

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