Online Wills Save Time?



The advancements in modern technology paved the way for any information to be easily accessible online. The online world also opened up avenues for a lot of possibilities such as the generation of digital invoices, as well as electronic modes of payment. Not only this, but even the drafting and creation of last will can now be conveniently done online.


That being said, creating an online will can indeed save time!


However, like with any other technological solutions, leveraging online will pose various advantages, and a bit of concern too and listed below are some of them.

Benefits: Timeliness and Ease

One of the primary benefits of online wills, as stated above, is that it can greatly save you time because it is surprisingly easy to accomplish. It may just take you anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour to fill an online will and have it completed in a single session. However, the digital will experts behind suggest that even if you draft your will online, you need to ensure that a licensed solicitor will still take the time to review it. This is important before having your will to be officially certified.

Benefits: Simplicity and Cost

Another benefit of generating your will online is the simplicity of the entire process as well as the minimal cost that you have to pay for it. This can be attributed to the fact that online will generally cover the most basic issues that need to be addressed, such as naming an executor to administer your estate or identifying the properties that you wish to transfer after your death. For this, you will only need to pay a minimal fee and you may be surprised that certain online will generators even come for free.

Drawback: Validity or Accuracy

Some jurisdictions accept online wills as legally binding, but some states offer no guarantee that the will you generate is completely valid. It can be that particular legislation in your state may have changed since you made your will, which can in turn invalidate the one that you have created. In addition to this, online wills are sometimes so simple that they fail to cover complicated situations that can only be sorted out with the presence of a legal probate expert. Additionally, since all the steps are to be accomplished online, certain lawyers are concerned about the authenticity of the wills generated.



To wrap things up, leveraging technology to generate your will is truly a convenient way to ensure that your final wishes are carried out. Online wills surely will save you time and money, but since it is a very simple process overall, it may also be insufficient to fulfill all your needs, particularly if you have a complex estate or you intend to divide your properties to all your heirs. The key is in evaluating your final wishes carefully because, in the end, all you want to do is to have peace of mind that your loved ones will be cared for even after you are gone.

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