Enjoyable Things to Do When in Thailand


The beaches in Thailand are extraordinarily beautiful, but the rest of Thailand is also filled with plenty of fun and exciting things to see, do, and try – so don’t hold back! Depending on how much time and energy you have, here are some of the absolute must-tries when you come to Thailand. Try to immerse yourself in the culture, make memories and above all else have fun and relax! 

Trying out the local cuisine

Food is extremely important in every culture, it’s a big part of what sets cultures apart. When you come to Thailand you’ll get a plethora of ways to try its magnificent cuisine. Doesn’t matter if you eat at a local restaurant or street-food, you’ll be blown away either way. Here is a list of must-try foods. Thai food is a little bit spicier than what you’re used to, but don’t let that scare you away!  


Thailand is not a small place, especially when you consider smaller islands that are also a part of it. You’ll probably miss out on seeing some gorgeous scenery if you don’t have a specific plan – and means of transportation. Boating is a great way if you want to see everything, for example, if you want to tour Phuket, or any other island – the best way to fully grasp it is to do it by boat. This way you’ll access more locations and see the nature and the islands from a different point of view!


This is a no brainer to many, a lot of people expect to party and have fun on their vacation – it’s not all about the swimming and spending days at the beach. But not a lot of foreigners and first-time travelers don’t know about the lively nightlife of Thailand. For instance, a full moon party is a wild event that’s happening every full moon! But the fun doesn’t just happen then, nightlife in Phuket is also pretty amazing. You can find everything that suits your taste, a lot of different clubs, so expect to party all night every night during your stay in Thailand!


Site seeing

Thailand has a large number of important cultural sites, from ancient temples that will blow you away how magnificent they are to unbelievably tall statues. You don’t even have to wander around, every little corner is graced with something interesting to look at! You must see The Great Buddha of Thailand as it’s one of the tallest statues in the world, with it’s staggering 92 meters of height – it’s also painted gold, adding to the already breathtaking scenery! 


Also, another must-see place is the Chiang Rai province –  famous for its recognizable Wat Rong Khun – better known to foreigners as the White Temple. You should consider seeing as many cultural sites as possible since it’s a one of a lifetime opportunity!

All of the above

To get the absolute best experience and fully grasp the wonders of Thailand – try everything! Depending on your time and mood, try to incorporate a little bit of everything on your trip. You are already there so might as well go all out and maybe try some stuff you’ve never done before!


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