How to Make Your Local Business Show Up on Google

Today, most people look for items online, and most people end up buying the items online. Therefore, every business owner needs to have an online presence where they can meet these potential buyers. Getting an online business account is one of the steps toward making more sales online. However, it is also essential to improve your ranking on Google and other search engines.

One of the advantages of having your business on Google is that You can reach many potential customers from any part of the world. You will also have an advantage over other sellers who sell similar products but do not sell online. Google will even rank your business profile based on its quality and also allows you to get feedback and reviews from customers.

Why SEO Matters

Having your business on Google is only important if customers can find it, especially on the first page of search results. Almost no one goes to the second or third page of the search results when looking for items online. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process that improves your visibility and ranking on search engines. You can get more information about SEO from WSI and learn how to make your business appear on the first page of the Google results so that you meet many potential customers and make more sales. Let’s dive into finding out how you can make your local business appear on Google.

  1. Create a Google Account for Your Business

A Google account is a free account that you create on Google, and it gives you access to Google products like Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Docs. If you already have a personal Google account, you can create a new one for your business. To create a Google account for your business:

  • Open the Google application, and select sign in. 
  • You will see an option to create a Google account; click on this option.
  • You will see a drop-down with two options and select the “to manage my business” option.
  • Follow the instructions that you will receive from Google to complete setting up your Google account.

2.    Create a Business Profile

Once you have created a standard Google account, you can now proceed to set up a business profile for your business. A Google business profile is a free listing of your business on Google that makes it appear on Google search and Google Maps.

To create a business profile on Google:

  • Visit Google Maps, and search the name of your business.
  • If the name of your business appears together with an address, it means that you already have a business profile.
  • If it doesn’t appear, click on “add a missing place” and follow the instructions to complete it.

3.    Setup Your “Google My Business Account”

Google My Business account is a free account that gives you permission to claim your Google business profile and manage it.  To create a Google my business account:

  • Log in to the Google account that you have created for your business.
  • Click on and select “manage now.”

Google will ask you to provide these details; the name of your business, the address of the company, and the business website. You will also be required to add a phone number, category, and delivery addresses where applicable.

4.    Claim Your Google Business Profile

Claiming your business profile connects your Google business account to your business profile. To claim your business profile:

  • Log in to the Google account for your business,
  • Go to Google.Com/maps. Enter the name of your business
  • Click on your business profile.
  • Select the “claim for this business” option.
  •  Select the “manage now an option” and follow the required steps to complete this process.

5.    Verify that You Are the Owner of This Business

The last step in having your business on Google is to verify that you are the owner of this business account. Google will ask you to provide information that confirms that you own the business account. In case someone else created the business profile for you, Google will send you a verification code that gives you access to your account.

Once you fill in the required details, Google will validate your business account. You can then add the products that you are selling to your account. With time, you can optimize your business account on Google so that it gets better ranking and is more appealing to potential buyers. It is also important to read the reviews that customers make about your business and improve it.



Having your local business on Google is one way to make more sales because you get a platform to reach many potential buyers from all over the world. To set up a business account, you require a Google account, a business profile, and a Google My Business account. The steps on how to set up these accounts are given in this article. It is also essential to optimize your business account on Google to appear among the first on the search results page.





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    Best way is to get local links and use the right keywords to make you get visible in most searches.

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