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Useful Apps To Help You Expand Your Vocabulary

Do you have a need to improve your vocabulary? Most people do, although unfortunately, there is not enough free time available these days that can enable such an endeavor. Luckily, there are alternative ways that can make it possible to learn new words.


All sorts of different apps can be used on smartphones. They can help people to improve their lexicon and strengthen their command of language usage while drinking morning coffee. These tools make learning fun and painless. Here are some that may come in handy and assist you in your quest for knowledge. 


This is one of the most comprehensive vocabulary apps that can be used out there. It can be overwhelming to the newcomers though. It offers a vast number of easy to understand words. A large database, that holds up more than half a million words that can be thought, can be used by Vocab1. The thing that makes this tool special is that it also can help you learn new words in a contest and that by itself is impressive and not to mention useful. 


There are also 649 expert lists. Let’s elaborate. Those catalogs are there for you to create your own lists of words and each of them can focus on words that are used in specific fields like education or even engineering and medicine. Another bonus is that special words for TOEFL are accessible as well. Vocab1 gives huge support to users and has online forums that can give them a chance to communicate with each other. 


In case you are one of those people that like to play a lot of games that rely on vocabulary knowledge, it would be wise to have a look at this one. It is not considered an app per se, like the previous example, but more of a tool. However, it is suitable for different age groups and more importantly, can help you to broaden up your vocabulary. 


That especially applies to children that like trying out their skills in the puzzle and word games.

Unscramble words can provide them a chance to make an assumption on what the word would be, by combining a bunch of separate letter tiles and then utilize a scrambler feature. If children are starting with their reading lessons, this site can be quite useful. By showing different variants of the same letters, children, as well adults, that enjoy participating in hangman or crossword puzzles, can have an upper hand when competing. The database from which one can obtain knowledge is large and it has a list of over 280 thousand word variations. 


The interface, which can hold up to 15 characters, is also easy to use. 


It may not be exactly a vocabulary app, but it can promise to teach people how to remember anything. Anki is used by the majority of its subscribers as a way to memorize trivia, and most importantly, new words. It uses flashcards and spaced repetition. Those are proven methods that help individuals to learn figures, numbers, or different facts.


As a matter of fact, flashcard usage in this app is inevitable. It tests you repeatedly, day after day in case you have forgotten things that you would like to memorize, thus ensuring that you eventually master your word skills. Anki is considered an app that uses different sorts of media to help you remember, like audio, video, and images. It is suitable for uses of every age and can be used on every platform as well.

Magoosh and PowerVocab

Magoosh and PowerVocab have quizzes that are on surface-level practically the same. The difference is that Magoosh’s main focus is to improve the scores on the graduate record exam for graduate students. 


On the other hand, PowerVocab is similar to the quizzes that can be found on Facebook. It works as a multiple-choice app, that promotes competing with other people as motivation. In any case, both of these can be quite useful even if you are not a student or a type that enjoys rivalry since, at the end of the day, they can offer a way to learn new words.




People that expand their vocabulary base can have lots of advantages in comparison to others. Apps can help achieve that goal for sure and can make you be one of those people. Depending on what exactly is your goal, it would be wise to pick out an app that correlates with your desires. Take all necessary factors into account and when you select a tool that is just right for you, the results will be worth it. And who knows, maybe you will even win a game of scrambles once or twice if you persist.


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