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Which Type of Blogs are the Most Successful and Make the Most Money?

Money may not be the immediate reason for starting a blog, but if you want to be able to spend more time on it or even make it a full-time job, it can become essential. There are ways to monetize your work in a second-hand manner, like advertising or affiliate marketing, but the first thing that should be done is certainly thinking about your prospects. Here are some of the highest-paid blog types that would do you good to look into.




If you have interesting life stories or valuable advice that you could share with your audiences, consider creating a lifestyle blog. If you are, for example, interested in writing about your daily life, interesting anecdotes, or about the way that you do your housework, consider checking out these examples to get some inspiration. This is an inexhaustible topic, and the more creative you get with it, the more traffic can your blog acquire. This type of blog is very popular at the moment and that makes it more monetizable.


The main purpose of fashion blogs is to give the audience ideas on how they can incorporate the latest trends with their everyday life. If you pride yourself on having a great sense of fashion, this could be the type of blog for you. They deal with reviewing, giving ideas, and promoting products that have to do with hairstyling, makeup, accessories, clothes, shoes, and many others. Oftentimes fashion bloggers get brand deals with companies that send them their products, and their task is to speak about them and raise awareness.


Most of us have tried to improve our culinary skills at least once in our life, and besides that, everybody has to eat, so it is logical that this category never goes out of style. If you are a skilled cook, consider sharing your kitchen tips and tricks with the world. Write about your favorite recipes, give valuable cooking advice to beginners, or review the tools for food making. The possibilities with this one are endless, so you can experiment with it as much as you do while you are cooking.



Doesn’t traveling for a living sound like a dream come true? The fact is that you can achieve just that by making a travel blog and writing about all of the marvelous destinations that you have visited. Discover exotic and unknown locations, write about your hotel and transportation experiences, experience different cultures, and don’t forget to include pictures! The demand for your blog will surely increase because of the fact that through reading about your adventures, your followers get to live them out with you.

Health and Fitness

Everyone wants to better their life in some way, and there is no better way to do that than learning how to take care of your body properly. If you are a fitness trainer or nutritionist, having a place to give advice to your clients could benefit your private business and increase your popularity. The self-help movement is now at a sky-high. Your advice can improve the lifestyle of many people, even those who don’t have enough means to afford professional help.


With the speed at which the technological world is evolving, there is something new on the market every couple of months. If you are tech-savvy and your passion is to follow the latest technological news, use it to write reviews or further inform the public. For example, people usually want to know what someone has to say about the product that they are interested in buying. You could do product comparisons based on their characteristics and help someone pick the best option for themselves.


With the development of technology, the gaming industry started to thrive. Entertainment is one of the highest-paid industries in this day and age. One common prejudice is that playing video-games can only pay off if you turn professional. If that is how you like spending your time, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try monetizing it by analyzing the newest games on the market, promoting your favorite ones, or indulging people’s nostalgia about the ones they have played in their childhood.


If your blog niche is not on this list, don’t despair! Any type of blog could be successful if you develop a good strategy. Incorporate your passion for writing with any other passion you have and you will surely make it appeal to a wider audience. The most important thing is to stay persistent and explore the ways in which you could express yourself the best and the profit will come in time. There is a wide variety of topics that you can pursue, and the key to success is just finding the right one.




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