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7 Ways to Stay Inspired and Motivated at Home


The events that have occurred lately have changed everyone’s outlook on life. We can always expect the unexpected, and what’s more, we can expect to be spending more time at home than we’d ever imagined whenever a period of lockdown comes around. The lesson learned from this is that we need to always be prepared for any kind of circumstance, and also note that there’s a possibility that you may be working from home.


Whatever the circumstance is, the key to survival is inspiration and motivation, and this is why we’re going to share with you 7 amazing ways to help you stay inspired and motivated while you’re at home.

1. Create Structure Within Your Day


If you’re not used to working from home or spending days upon days indoors, then it’s important that you create a schedule so that it doesn’t feel like the days are bleeding into each other. You put yourself at risk of developing anxiety or depression if you don’t have some kind of structure. Make it a point to wake up in the morning and create a routine. Always shower, change your clothes, and keep yourself busy.


2. Clear the Clutter


Studies have found that clutter does affect the state of mind, and if you’re going to be home all day or for the majority of the day, you must keep your space clutter-free to have a clutter-free mind as well. Think about being smart about storage, use vertical space or look into furniture that doubles as storage. Most of all, think about clearing out all the things you don’t really need and keep it as minimal as possible so you have a decent ratio of space to furniture.


3. Surround Yourself With Positive Energy


We are responsive to triggers and stimulation, so what you have around you really matters. Think about an artwork that moves you and motivates you to want to do more. Another option is placing motivational quotes around you. The options found at Christian Walls give great ideas on how you can marry art with your favorite quotes. By doing this, you have something that is visually pleasing and strikes a chord with you as well. If you find that wind chimes give you a sense of calm, then get some. Sometimes people like to create a mood using lighting or incense, anything that affects the senses is bound to bring motivation along with it.


4. Bring Nature Inside


Just because you’re home, doesn’t mean you cannot bring the things you love the most about nature inside your home. Indoor plants are not only visually pleasing, but it’s also great for the air you breathe inside. Plants add a natural element that will certainly inspire you to get things done. Another option is an indoor fountain or a hanging garden.


5. Stay active



It is hard to feel inspired when you feel down. You must implement a workout routine of some sort when you’re home. You have a wide array of options to pick from too. You can either sign up for an app, watch tutorial videos online, or get yourself a personal trainer. Find what you feel would make you feel better, you can go for proper full-on workouts, or you can go for something more relaxing such as tai chi or yoga. Exercise allows your body to release chemicals and hormones that help clear your mind and keep you focused.


6. Always Challenge Yourself


Don’t give in to a mundane routine just because you’re at home. You still have the freedom to challenge yourself, you just need to get creative with it. Take up dance or art classes, or even consider doing a course that you never got around to doing while you were at college.

7. Assign Set Spaces


Regardless of how big or small your home is, you need to assign different spaces for specific tasks. Create a space that you can meditate in, one that you can work out in, and another for work. Make sure that you always stay organized and don’t let yourself go because this will go a long way in helping you stay motivated.


You may initially feel confined when you find yourself having to stay at home, but if you follow the advice given here, you’ll find that there’s more than just one way to find motivation and inspiration when you’re at home. You just need to apply structure to your day and create a space that suits your needs. You also need to make sure that you create a positive environment that is filled with everything that gives you hope and energy to do more.

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