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The Dangers of Unsecured Cargo in Your Truck

The Dangers of Unsecured Cargo in Your Truck

If you’ve ever driven a truck before, you probably already know how much your cargo can affect its handling. Whether you’re driving a pickup truck or a semitruck, you should always be aware of how the load is doing in the trailer. It’s can’t just be a set-it-and-forget-it situation. The dangers of unsecured cargo in your truck are numerous, and we’ll go through them so that you can see why securing your cargo is so important.

Flying Debris

No matter what you may be hauling, there’s always a chance that something could come loose and fly off your truck and onto the road. For this reason, tarps and tie-downs are crucial to your safety and that of everyone else on the road. An unexpected piece of debris hitting the road or a car behind you can lead to disastrous results for everyone. Never assume that your cargo will be fine uncovered—better to play it safe and lock it down.

Shifting Weight

Many first-time truck drivers don’t realize until they get behind the wheel how much the cargo can affect the way they drive. Heavier cargo means that you’ll need to begin braking sooner, and it will take you longer to accelerate. Even worse, unsecured cargo can move around the bed or trailer of your truck, sending your truck off balance. This shifting can even lead to you going off the road or flipping your truck if you’re not careful. Larger trucks should always use cargo load bars to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Unloading the Truck

Even if you make it through your drive with unsecured cargo without any driving problems, you could cause serious harm to yourself or anyone else who has to unload the shipment. As you drive, cargo can shift into unsafe positions against the door of the trailer. When this door opens, the cargo can spill out directly on top of whomever happens to be unloading the truck. Don’t let this happen to you or another worker just because you wanted to save a few extra minutes.

Monetary Risks

Not only do you risk fines for not properly securing your cargo, but the dangers of unsecured cargo in your truck lead to other money problems as well. If an accident resulted from your unsecured cargo, you’re liable for the cost of any damages. Your insurance premiums will also go up, and you’ll lose out on money from the shipment if the goods you were moving shifted and broke during transit.

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