Two CHS students make perfect score on ACT


Clinton High School recently announced two students have scored a perfect thirty-six on the American College Test.



Juniors Abigail Vargheese and Jared Miller scored the highest score possible during the December administration of the national college entrance exam. 

“We are really excited that two of our students have scored perfect on the ACT,” CHS Principal Brett Robinson said. “They both have put in a great amount of work in their preparations, and it certainly has paid off.” 

Both Vargheese and Miller, who started as kindergarteners at Clinton Park Elementary, credit the district’s curriculum and Clinton High School’s humanities class in preparing them for the ACT. 

“The humanities class was the biggest help,” Miller said. “Just coming in and practicing helps you get in the habit of taking the test.” 

“The amount of practice we receive is really beneficial,” Vargheese echoed. “I can’t say that I would put in an hour of daily work on my own if it weren’t for the humanities class that meets in the morning.” 

This was Vargheese’s fifth time to take the test, raising her score from an initial thirty to a thirty-five and now a thirty-six, and Miller’s second time taking it, going from a twenty-eight to a thirty-six. 

“When I saw my score,” Vargheese said, “I felt like a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders. I don’t have to worry about taking it anymore and can focus on my senior year. It certainly will open some new doors for the future.” 

“With this only being my second time to take it, I didn’t expect to see a thrity-six,” Miller said, “but now I can put all my energy on my senior year. I know it’ll help financially as we prepare for college, relieving some of the pressure on my parents,” Miller said. 

Vargheese plans to pursue medicine, and Miller plans to study engineering. 


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