How To Work Safely With Your Pallets

How To Work Safely With Your Pallets

Pallets are an incredibly vital and useful tool in warehouse settings. This means they must remain in quality condition. You should know how to work safely with pallets consistently so they don’t run the risk of getting damaged or causing harm to employees. Learn how to work safely with your pallets by reading below.

Check Pallets for Any Damage

It’s important to inspect your pallets for any kind of damages or defects before using them. Some of the most common damages you’ll find in wooden pallets are cracks, splinters, and loose nails. Be sure to check them for any weaknesses. Pallets can look completely fine to our eye but can unfortunately have weak areas, especially if they’ve been used frequently. Make sure to discard any pallets that aren’t strong enough.

Stack Your Pallets Safely

The way your pallets are stacked is important for safety. Pallets are best stored by stacking them in different rows. When they’re stacked up, they should be no higher than four feet. Any higher could cause them to topple over. They could get damaged and potentially cause serious injury to nearby employees. An edge sticking out could be enough to get bumped by someone which could also cause the stack to fall over. The stacks should be placed flat, completely flushed at the edges.

Load Pallets With Proper Weight

Since your pallets will be used to hold and transport various loads of product, it’s important to consider the weight distribution. One of the biggest mistakes to avoid is overloading a pallet. This is one of the most common pallet packing mistakes to avoid. An overload on a pallet could cause it to break. This could happen while trying to move it in the warehouse—which could result in a serious injury or death—or it could happen when the load is en route to its destination. In this case, the product could get damaged and be useless for your customer.

Proper Pallet Handling

When wondering how to work safely with your pallets, proper handling of them is a key element. Employees should never be tossing pallets around, throwing them to the floor, or letting them fall. You should also do everything you can to avoid stepping on them. They’re designed to hold weight that’s distributed evenly. Too much stress in one area could cause them to break, creating a greater risk of injury to workers.

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