What Is Trench Foot and How Do You Get It

What Is Trench Foot and How Do You Get It

There’s nothing worse than wet feet. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it can also cause health issues. If the feet are wet for an extended period, an individual can develop trench foot. Another name for trench foot is immersion foot syndrome. If you’ve ever asked yourself “What is trench foot and how do you get it?” here’s an explanation.

History of Trench Foot

Before we can answer the question of what is trench foot and how do you get it, let’s talk about its history. Trench foot first appeared during World War I. The name originated from the trenches soldiers had to stand in during the war, as they had to fight in cold and wet conditions. Their failure to have spare socks or boots is ultimately what caused the condition to manifest. Trench foot caused thousands of deaths during World War I; however, trench foot is still common today.

Trench Foot Explained

The impact of trench foot during World War I was devastating. It causes many symptoms, including blisters and redness and causes skin tissue to fall off. There are many sensations someone with trench foot may experience. For example, coldness, numbness, and tingling of the foot are common symptoms. Some people also experience itchiness. Although symptoms may only affect certain parts of the feet, they can extend throughout. Make sure to see a doctor right away if you display symptoms of trench foot. Complications can occur if the condition goes untreated.

How To Prevent It

Trench foot occurs when the feet are cold and wet for a long time. This leads to many complications if left untreated, including the inability to walk. Wearing wet socks for too long can have the same effect. If you work outside, there are many ways to stay dry while on the job. Make sure to be cautious of trench foot because it can cause permanent nerve damage, as well as many other complications.

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