Why Should I Get an Injury Lawyer?

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Injuries are never fun, but they often have a legal context surrounding them, especially the common and often unavoidable car accident. Some people like to handle their accident cases and claims themselves, but it is often far better to just get a lawyer. If you are still on the fence, here is an overview of why a lawyer is such a good idea.

Why You Need a Lawyer

A lawyer is a legal expert, and an injury lawyer is an expert in the field of injury-related law. No matter what kind of accident you have gotten into, it is important to make sure that you are approaching the problem correctly and getting the best support possible. Without a lawyer, you can always slip up and ruin your own case or claim.

This is even more important for people who do not live in the state that they were hurt in. For example, Arizona has laws that other states do not have, so you would want a legal professional from Arizona to represent you. If you do not, you could end up trying to use laws that do not apply in that part of the world.

A lawyer is also fighting for you since that is their job. Some people are distrustful of lawyers, but at the end of the day, every injury lawyer is aiming to get their client the compensation they deserve. Since their fees are often tied to this compensation, this makes sense, but it also works in your favor.

What Can a Lawyer Help Me With?

Lawyers are useful for a lot of different reasons, but they also have a lot of responsibilities when it comes to dealing with a car accident or similar injury case. Most people do not realize just how much a single lawyer might have to do during one claim.

Identifying Contributing Factors

Any accident has a reason, and a lawyer is often able to find evidence that points towards the specific thing that might have caused it. This could be things like drunk driving, driving without a license, speeding, poor loading of cargo, car defects, or even issues with the road itself.

The results of a damage claim can change based on how much the accident was each person’s fault, and finding evidence of things like this is really important to getting the case to go in the right direction.


Liability also makes a big difference. Finding out who is liable (responsible) for the accident and injury can be just as vital since it changes who has to pay and what kind of compensation you can get back. In many states, pure comparative fault means that the proportional fault of an accident changes how the compensation is paid out.

For example, if somebody was 20% responsible for their own injury due to using a phone while driving just before their car crash, then they might have their overall damages payout lowered by 20% to compensate.

If multiple parties are to blame for the same accident, then this might work in a similar way, meaning that the most responsible people payout the most to the victim(s). Not all states use this, but this is the kind of reason why it would be best to use a lawyer – knowing how these legal setups work is important.


Another key reason to have a lawyer is that they give actual advice. Legal situations can be scary and unpredictable, so having somebody that understands all of the legal issues and risks can be incredibly helpful. This is especially true if you are already at risk of losing negotiations or having to extend the case again.

Good advice does come with a cost, so sometimes you will want a lawyer that takes a slightly bigger cut just in case. However, for simple claims involving a straightforward car accident and only one defendant party, you will always want an injury lawyer to support you and represent you.

It is impossible to be an expert in all types of law, but without any real law experience at all, you are far less likely to understand how the claim is meant to work. Lawyers are going to know a lot more than you are likely to about your situation, and that makes them invaluable for getting you a good result that you can live with.

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