Super Simple Clothing Tips That Will Help You Become More Stylish

If fashion doesn’t come naturally to you and you are looking for easy ways to become more stylish, this is the guide for you. Dressing well improves the way you feel about yourself and gives you unmatched confidence and energy. You don’t always need expensive clothing or stylists to look good, you can pull off a pretty effortless look through a few clever tips and tricks.



Here are some super simple clothing tips that will help you become more stylish. 


With each outfit, pick two or three colors to base the outfit around. From this color palette, choose clothing and accessories that compliment one another. Even your makeup can be chosen to complement these colors. This way, you avoid a busy outfit that is overloaded with clashing colors and patterns.


To make things easier on a day-to-day basis, opt for a wardrobe based around a few of your favourite colors or a neutral palette. Clothing in neutral colors can always ensure you have complimentary clothes and accessories so you don’t need to think too much to pull together a chic outfit.

Flattering Pieces

Opt for wardrobe choices that flatter you to ensure you don’t catch yourself in the bus stop reflection in a ‘fit that makes you look 5 years older and 15 pounds heavier.


Clean up your wardrobe and get rid of anything that doesn’t make you feel good. Even this can instantly offer you a bunch of outfit choices you hadn’t noticed before. If there are clothes you love but don’t feel most flattering then you can get these tailored. Tailoring your clothes is a super sneaky tip to make the most of all your clothing since it gives you a comfortable and stylish look without having to get a whole new set of clothes. A cinch in at the waist or raising a hemline or two can improve your chicness in an instant.

Classic Coat 

Invest in classic coats to add chicness to any outfit. A classic coat like a trench or pea coat adds class and elegance. The folks over at Southern Man Surf Shop recommend puffer jackets for the winter season. Investing in these capsule pieces makes your wardrobe timeless and ensures you always have great options on hand.


Opting for balance in your outfits gives you an aesthetic harmonious appearance. Play around with different sizes such as oversized clothing or unique shapes and pairing them with fitted pieces. This balances out your look and helps you look stylish rather than not well thought out, although that can be very stylish if pulled off well. You want to aim to balance the silhouette, find a balance between your body and the clothes.

Shop Well

Ensure you go into your shopping trips with a clear idea of what you want. This can be hard if you feel like you don’t have a specific style. If this is the case, start collecting and saving images of outfits and colors you like. Create a mood board for yourself and reference it whenever you are shopping. This will bring your focus to pieces you will truly love and avoid you buying any unnecessary clothing just because it’s cheap or because it seems like a good idea at the time. 


Stick to the items you know you will love. It might be a good idea to keep an item in mind for a while before you choose to purchase it. This way you can ensure that you truly love the piece and it will be a good investment. 


Opt for timeless pieces that you can use to spice up any outfit. Even adding a watch, a scarf, or a statement necklace can change up a basic outfit into a stylish one. Don’t be afraid to mix and match accessories. There are a bunch of ways to explore accessorising, you could go vintage or even choose small businesses that create unique pieces.


Accessorising with sunglasses can upgrade any outfit, however, choose a style that suits you. When accessorising with sunglasses ensure that it doesn’t clash with other jewelry. If you go for chunkier sunglasses, choose daintier earrings. With rimless sunglasses, you can opt for a statement necklace and bold colours.



This tip is key to ensuring that you feel as good as you look. When you are uncomfortable, this reflects in your confidence and mood. Select clothing items that make you feel comfortable and are made of materials that you like. Looking uncomfortable usually means you most likely look comfortable.


Unleash your inner fashionista and opt for balance, harmony and comfort to style the most stylish fits. Shop intentionally and pick up pieces you truly love. The tips above will keep you in style in the simplest ways you can.


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